[Windows 11 Pro] HP Envy x360 2-in-1 15 15.6" FHD Touchscreen Business Laptop, 6-Core AMD Ryzen 5 5625U, 12GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, w/Office Accessories


HP ENVY X360 laptop comes with 15.6-inch diagonal FHD (1920 x 1080) with multitouch-enabled IPS display. You can get expansive, vibrant images and control your entertainment right from the screen.The processor model of this HP laptop is AMD Ryzen 5 5625U. The AMD Ryzen processor brings your experiences to life - delivering everything you need, and so much more. Awaken your senses to refreshing speed, with the confidence to unplug and go further.12GB system memory for basic multitasking. Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once.256GB Solid State Drive is ideal for mobile devices and applications, providing enhanced storage capabilities, streamlined data management, quick boot-up times and support for high-definition video playback.Windows 11 Pro (best version of Windows OS, optimal for Business and Education) can boost productivity with powerful management tools and enhance features you could ask for.

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Display:15.6-inch FHD IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit

Processor:AMD Ryzen 5 5625U (Up to 4.3 GHz)

Graphics:AMD Radeon

Memory:12GB DDR4 SDRAM

Storage Capacity:256GB SSD

Touch Screen:Yes


Backlit Keyboard:Yes

Operating System:Windows 11 Home

Battery Life:8 Hours

Dimensions:14.13 x 9.02 x 0.73 inches

Weight:3.93 pounds

Color:Nightfall Black

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Mxd Chx
Great computer - 07/02/2023

The price is very reasonable.

Chris Winkler
My daughter loves it! Touch screen is great !! - 06/02/2023

The computer is easy to use, the touch screen is great, and the battery life is good.

Roy Yates
It's cheap and it feels like a multifunctional quality product. - 05/02/2023

It's cheap and it feels like a multifunctional quality product.

Reliable and good for uni - 02/02/2023

Bought this laptop for uni, I did some w/ adobe stuff, so I'm looking for a laptop where w/ has more impact than others. I must say this one is very good. The laptop is well built and the metal gives it a premium feel.

Army Doc
Run fast! - 11/12/2022

I have the same model, 8gb of RAM, same processor setup. I ran my business, I marketed, I built my website, I ran my banking, and I did that for almost a year, but it went out of business. Thankfully it came with a warranty and was fixed quickly.

Kelly Sullivan
I was very surprised - 01/02/2023

This is a good laptop! Delca Electronics even sent an updated version for 2022. Good performance, good display effect, reliable quality. The problem of zero. recommend

The laptop comes fast and easy to use. - 30/01/2023

Just bought my Envy 360 2-in-1 yesterday. I'm a writer and like to edit with touch screens. It's a pleasure to use. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the 720 Pixar cameras I used to Zoom.

Deanna C
Returned due to a problem with the Wi-Fi driver - 29/01/2023

I only had one time and the Wi-Fi lane wasn't connected to the Internet and there seemed to be a problem so I had to return it and I didn't know if it was great otherwise because I hadn't used it for very long

The price couldn't be cheaper - 24/01/2023

Everything it does is good enough and, in my opinion, it really is two in one. What's more, for the price, it really feels like a bargain.

Michael McCray Jr
If you're planning to upgrade, like me, read (for Windows 11) - 23/01/2023

As the title mentions, if you're going to upgrade this laptop slowly, be aware that if you're completely out of the box with a new SSD(trust me, the SSD on this thing is pitiful and a cost-cutting measure), just turn it on and see if it turns on.

Nichole Thomas
Quality feel, value for money, fit my socket - 11/01/2023

Bought Ryzen 5 + 8GB after extensive research. Fortunately, so far there is no problem with the sound (many reported cases) Good (but reflective) screen, solid keyboard feel, minimal fan noise. Can rightly comment on battery life, but seems good. The warranty seems to be international (important for South Africa). Overall, very satisfied with the purchase.

Function and style. Excellent product. Excellent quality and price ratio. - 11/01/2023

I use it for work, pleasure and personal organization.

Alon Miasnikov
Great team, great features, pretty comfortable price - 06/01/2023

The fact is that since m arrived at the product, it was easy to occupy it. It has everything I want, plus a little. It is compatible with an electronic pen, the screen is touch, the sound is excellent, opens in seconds and the screen size is ideal. I really like you!

There is no numeric keypad in the AD - 05/01/2023

I'm really excited about this laptop, but it doesn't have the numeric keypad advertised in the picture and description. Other than that, the laptop is fine.

Chris Gruver
Nice laptop, but I didn't order it - 04/01/2023

I really like how well this laptop handles Office files and Web surfing. My only complaint is that the AD says it's black, but it's silver. I struggled to find a backlit keyboard, which this laptop has, but I still couldn't make out the keys because they were silver with a faint white letter. Unfortunately, I hadn't had a laptop for a few days and couldn't afford to return it for black, so I kept it.

Johan C.
Great laptop - 03/01/2023

Great laptop! I like the touch screen and the ability to convert it into a tablet.

Marie R.
It's for my kid in college - 02/01/2023

My daughter is in her third year of college, and her old laptop finally broke. She did some research and decided to use this. She loved it! As a chemistry major, having a good laptop is essential. No complaints!

Edward Lee
Easy set up - 29/12/2022

When I was ready to buy a computer, I took another laptop with me to my son, who is an IT professional. He told me not to buy the HP Envy x360. I'm glad I asked him. My husband and I both have this laptop now. Very easy to set up. The only gripe is that there really is no Ethernet port and only 1 USB after purchasing an Ethernet adapter. Easy to fix by buying a usb port. I actually switched this port between my work laptop and this laptop so that I could use both the keyboard and mouse. Really love this laptop and hope to have it for many years to come.

Anthony pontbriand
All in all, it's pretty good - 29/12/2022

Needing this laptop for my first year of college (marketing major), I wanted something new that was relatively affordable, and this definitely fits the bill! If you plan to use a stylus to take notes, I recommend bringing a stylus or even a sleeve for your laptop, which doesn't have one. I was nervous about supporting this small business, but it turned out great!

mayra pantoja
Great Laptops - 29/12/2022

The laptop arrived quickly and in good condition. Will definitely order again from the supplier. Love to support small business. I got a good price for it, too.

Jennifer K
An incorrect latop!!!! was sent - 28/12/2022

The laptop I received didn't have a numeric keypad

Michael Schoolcraft
amazing laptop - 27/12/2022

Love this laptop. Do whatever I want to do. There is no lag. Touch screens are awesome. It's very durable. !

Nice computer - 26/12/2022

I like it very much!

Dave A Heberling
No pictures or ads for the HP Initiative pen - 22/12/2022

In addition to the charger, the laptop also comes with a regular pen with a stylus used on smartphones. It has a USB stick on it. To contact the seller, I would like the active stylus advertised for use with this computer.

Wifi connection problem - 19/12/2022

The laptop would suddenly disconnect from wifi, causing me to lose unsaved work while working on apps. This caused me a great deal of stress and lost time. I called HP tech Support and they just told me to reboot the laptop to reconnect to wifi, but never really fixed the problem. The problem is that I disconnect a lot and I need to reboot my laptop to reconnect. In addition, the audio microphone stopped working.

Good laptops work surprisingly well - 16/12/2022

I have used this laptop for 6 months. Got this laptop for office work, so I needed something low-key, but also worked well. I ended up buying this, and I can't say I regret it. The laptop worked fine, and while I wasn't going to use it for gaming, I did get bored once, installing sekiro shadows die on it twice, and it actually ran the game without a problem. This great performance and understated look comes at a price. The laptop's battery life isn't very long, and the longest I've used it was six hours in low light. When I got the laptop, the top of the screen didn't stick, causing it to peel away from the frame when opened. I bought some screen glue to fix that, and apart from that little glitch, the laptop is already great. I don't have any other issues with the laptop, and its excellent performance makes the touch screen feel like the icing on the cake, making this great device a little better, even though I don't personally need it.

Don't have a stylus with you - 14/12/2022

I don't have a stylus.

The computer crashed one month after the warranty expired - 13/12/2022

I might just be unlucky and have to buy a new computer, just to remind prospective buyers of my experience.

Shane Leon
This is a happy gift - 13/12/2022

We are always good

Jasmin dennis
Your money is worthless! - 10/12/2022

The touch screen works well. Battery life can be even better because it runs out of power quickly. Absolutely no value for money to pay, as I often have technical problems. The screen goes black when used, and it barely makes robot-like noises during blackboard meetings. It takes a long time to recover from a blackout. I definitely wouldn't recommend it. This is too expensive. I thought it would be better. I only pay one month and one day. Almost two months.

Think twice before buying an HP ENVY laptop - 05/12/2022

The HP ENVY laptop, bought in December 2020, had a split in the corner of its screen after less than two years of gentle use. I contacted HP support and was told it would cost $625 to fix. I don't recommend this product.

It's good - 02/12/2022

One thing I like about it is the build quality. Metal and touch screens look and feel good. However, there are some things I'm not happy about. For one thing, the screen isn't bright enough, so good luck to anyone trying to use it in direct sunlight. Also, the battery life of this thing is not very impressive. If you're doing something other than browsing the Internet at half brightness, it'll probably take you about three to five hours before it tells you you need to put it on your charger. Another thing I don't like about this laptop is the keyboard. It's a little cramped, and there's no number board. The worst part of the keyboard is the space bar. Because the form is small and the alt key is too large, the space bar on this computer is very small, which can be a bit annoying at times. Despite all that I've said and a few other minor issues, such as poor facial recognition, this is a decent laptop that does what you'd expect it to do. Overall, I think you should only buy this computer if you plan to use the touch screen and foldable features, because you can get a better equipped computer for a cheaper price.

Nutasha Salas
This is my favorite laptop - 02/12/2022

It's a beautiful thing. It's fast, it's good value, and it's pure. It's a heavy tablet in touch-only mode, but that's to be expected from such a powerful beast. Win11 pairs perfectly and is just a rather lovely experience. I thought I had a camera disappearing problem, but it was just me stupidly hitting the camera out of tune. Lol That button makes the hardware disappear. Click the button and its back. Just a heads up.

Soon, soon - 28/11/2022

I rate this product 5 out of 5 for being a damn machine, and I give it 3 stars for battery life for running it to its maximum performance, eating up battery life

Ramez A.
Hey. I like my laptop, but this case won't last long. The screen began to appear. - 26/11/2022

The casing is not durable. The screen is coming out and I can't put it back on. Sigh. Other than that, it's a great device.

Multiple problems are not worth the cost - 25/11/2022

A few months later, the computer began to disconnect due to a problem with the network adapter and was unable to recognize any available Wi-Fi(not my Wi-Fi). Now, six months later, it starts to freeze completely, then the screen turns black and requires a hard reset. In addition, the touch screen would inexplicably stop working and need to be reset. There are too many questions about this price. Very disappointed.

joseph brewster
This is the most expensive piece of junk I've ever bought - 24/11/2022

I received this in early April, and within three months, the screen came off the lid, It shuts off randomly when I'm in a meeting, printing a document, or watching a movie. No sleep, totally off. It can't even run the most basic computer games, which my old laptop did without a problem. Its loading speed is terrible. It would randomly determine that my Internet was down, while all other devices, even the WiFi Settings on laptops, would say it was available. It will also die within an hour if unplugged. Most problems occur within the first week, but I think this is due to user error, however they get worse as time goes on. The reason I want to buy a new laptop is my old laptop, which is about 5 years old, costs about $350- $400, has 4G memory, starts loading slowly and crashes unexpectedly. After 5 years of using cheap 4G-RAM laptops, I think this is quite something to look forward to. However, a brand new 16GB laptop costing nearly $1,000 should have none of these problems My old laptop runs faster and crashes less than this brand new one. It also runs at a much cooler temperature, as this laptop quickly heats up your hands in a way that my old laptop only reaches when playing video games.

Great value - 23/11/2022

Great value.

It's not worth it. Take frequent breaks - 23/11/2022

We bought the computer in September - since then its screen has broken twice and had to be repaired under warranty - and we wait to see how many more we can get

Boris Tovmasyan
Dead on arrival - 22/11/2022

The only thing that helped was a small light next to the laptop's power cord. The laptop has no other functions. I contacted the seller and was told to turn off the computer and reset it. You can't troubleshoot a computer that won't boot up. I've had it plugged in for 24 hours, and still nothing. There are also scratches on the cover. I will update my comments if anything changes.

Aaron Rubi
Don't stay on the same plane for too long - 22/11/2022

I love the function and use, but the tape won't come off in a few days. I've changed it several times. I think I'll have to keep changing it until I'm done. I used to use masks or paint cloths. I'll probably come back to that eventually. disappointment

Cristina watson
I give this computer one star - 18/11/2022

I bought this computer and within two weeks it started having problems. I found out later that it was because the computer was overheating. I bought another computer. My computer was out of warranty before I sent it back to the manufacturer. Even after paying a high price, the computer is as bad as when I bought it. It's still loud and overheated.

Reluctant products - 17/11/2022

I've been buying computers since the 80s and this is the most I've ever spent on a piece of junk. Almost no function from day one

The price of a strong, sturdy laptop. - 16/11/2022

Very cost-effective. Very strong metal construction. On the heavy side of tablet mode. A 13-inch model would be better. The screen brightness and resolution are not very good.

Joe santos
Great laptop, but not very bright screen. - 10/11/2022

I would have liked it if it had a brighter screen.

Judith C. Jorgensen
Good purchase - 10/11/2022

Love this laptop/tablet. Work is done! The problem of zero.

Value for money. - 09/11/2022

I really like this 2-in-1 laptop. The screen is surprisingly large. The instructions said it had a built-in anti-glare screen, but it didn't, so I returned it. The company was very kind about it and gave me all my money back. I think it's a good laptop if you have normal vision and don't need anti-glare.

Great value is only inadequate - 08/11/2022

Nice looking 15.6 laptop with some problems. I bought this laptop about four months ago. I mainly use it for photoshop and video editing. Its metallic finish is beautiful, but it easily shows prints and scratches. It has a fingerprint unlock option, but it only works half the time. I find that very irritating. I wish it had face detection like other laptop makers do. Finally, laptops often emit ridiculously high sounds that won't stop until you turn them off. I've called tech support multiple times about this problem, and after downloading and installing the new driver three times, it still appears, but not as often as it did in the beginning. Before this laptop, I had a 13-inch Mac that worked flawlessly but broke after 8 years. I wanted to really love this laptop, but all it did was make me realize I should go back to a mac. Stay away from this.

Cameron Walter
Just a but! - 08/11/2022

Love my new HP envy! He runs super fast. Touch screens are awesome. There is no lag or delay on the touch screen. It's great for Roblox. It is also related to the design space of crickets. The Bluetooth connection to my cricket is super smooth. Perfectly connected my Samsung galaxy headset to my lg Bluetooth headset. My Samsung phone can also connect to it, which is also cool. In terms of price. I definitely recommend it!

That's great! - 07/11/2022


Sherman Lyons
Like that I can flip over sc - 06/11/2022

I like how smooth it looks. But... The microphone is already out of order.

Reliable and excellent laptop - 05/11/2022

Great laptop. Thanks to the enhanced RAM, I used it every day for two months without any problems. Seller delivers quickly and in perfect shape. A smooth machine.

Cassandra Bouchard
Good quality and cheap price - 04/11/2022

The price for this specification is good

Nice printer - 04/11/2022

Value for money

Cheryl Glisan
The magic deal - 04/11/2022

Incredible deal on a magical laptop. I ended up having problems with my microphone and the seller provided quick repairs and excellent customer service. suggestion

Overall good computer, poor camera quality - 03/11/2022

In general, I like computers. The display and speed are great. I was disappointed with HP's built-in camera. The quality of the images is poor compared to my previous cheap laptops and previous laptops. I never thought I'd need to research the quality of the webcam when deciding to buy a laptop.

cassandra barker
Real action - 01/11/2022

Wow! I agree with several commenters like CNET; Mid-range price, high-end performance. The screen and audio are great... The touch is fine, the trackpad is solid, and the backlit, raised keys are wobbly. 16gb. I don't know why I need more. Sorry to those who got shoddy equipment, but for the price, this is a huge deal.