[Windows 11 Pro] HP 14" FHD Business Laptop Computer, 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 5500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, Long Battery Life, Fast Charge, BT 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, HDMI, w/Office Accessories


Get a fresh perspective with Windows 11 pro: From a rejuvenated Start menu, to new ways to connect to your favorite people, news, games, and content-Windows 11 pro is the place to think, express, and create in a natural way.AMD Ryzen 5 5500U Mobile Processor: Create. Play. Work. Educate. Entertain. The possibilities are infinite. Be anywhere, go anywhere. Powers ultrathin notebooks that offer supreme performance, astonishing battery life, and modern features you need on-the-go.8GB system memory for basic multitasking. Adequate high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once.256GB Solid State Drive is ideal for mobile devices and applications, providing enhanced storage capabilities, streamlined data management, quick boot-up times and support for high-definition video playback.Have convenient power all day with up to 9 hours and 45 minutes of battery life. Your HP laptop also recharges quickly as HP Fast Charge Technology takes your device from 0 to 50% charge in approximately 45 minutes.

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Brand: HP

Screen Size: 14 inches

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5500U(up to 4.0 GHz max boost clock, 8 MB L3 cache, 6 cores, 12 threads)

Processor Speed (Base): Up to 4.0 Gigahertz

System Memory (RAM): Upgraded 8 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM

Total Storage Capacity: Upgraded 256GB PCIe SSD

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Built-in Bluetooth: Yes

Built-in Webcam: Yes

Battery Life (up to): Up to 9 hours and 45 minutes

Wireless Connectivity:Realtek Wi-Fi 6 (1x2) and Bluetooth 5.2 combo

Ports:2x SuperSpeed USB Type-A, 1x SuperSpeed USB Type-C, 1x HDMI, 1x Headphone/microphone combo, 1x AC smart pin.

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro

Color: Natural Silver

Dimensions:12.76" x 8.86" x 0.71"

Weight:3.24 lbs

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Ray Camellon
It's hard for a 73-year-old to understand. Get used to Windows that are easy to use - 05/02/2023

It's too complicated for me to never finish setting up

Good choice! - 02/02/2023

It's a big deal. It was everything I expected and more.

lesson - 11/12/2022

You get what you pay for. It's done very cheaply. Also, as shown, there is no SD slot. I don't recommend this if you have multiple needs for a laptop. Simplicity of use is the advantage of this.

The perfect job - 01/02/2023

I've recommended the chromebook to some of my friends who are tired of working on their phones.

Neda Henery
Great quality - 30/01/2023

You get what you pay for. I like the price because it is light and easy to carry. Long battery life makes it a good choice for a temporary laptop. Ten out of ten are especially recommended for children.

It's perfect for my dad - 29/01/2023

Dad wanted a simple laptop for daily surfing and excel work, and this was perfect. I'm very satisfied with both the price and the product.

Totally worth it! - 24/01/2023

I looked at a lot of different laptops and I wanted a simple laptop that could be used anywhere. I found it to be a good price and I loved it! I can take it everywhere and it's great for watching movies. I do wish I could do more, but it's a Chromebook and you have the limitations of the product, but so far I love it and find it totally worth it!

David T
Perfect for family use - 23/01/2023

Easy to use and set up. It has Chrome, and it's charged. I just need to charge it every few days. Use it every day and like its size.

It's not the product I ordered - 11/01/2023

I was excited to buy the laptop because it was on sale, but the screen looked interesting and weird. I had to flip it back and forth to get a good look at the screen because it was so ugly. So, I decided to go back and get my money back.

Urgently needed - 11/01/2023

It's for my sister at school. Her content

Pilar Hood
Battery life was disappointing - 06/01/2023

I found that even though I only used it for a few hours a day, I still had to recharge the battery every two days. Obviously, I didn't read the instructions carefully, and as a Chromebook, I just assumed it would have a touch screen. This model doesn't. The performance looks OK, but I didn't do much intensive computing on it (no games, very little video streaming).

Chrome Book - 05/01/2023

High cost performance

Reynaldo Perez
Simple computer - 04/01/2023

I bought this for my husband. He usually uses my old laptop, but they gave him too much stuff, so I got him this, and it's perfect. All he does is watch videos on his computer and send emails, so that's fine with him. He finally figured it out and set up his email. Easy,peazy!

Big features in a small package - 03/01/2023

It takes a lot of getting used to!

Linda Thibodeau
My children's monitor - 02/01/2023

It's a good value. My kids need a computer to do their homework. It's lightweight, stylish and does what it needs to do

Joy Wohlgemuth
Love it - 29/12/2022


All right - 29/12/2022

Easy to use and clean

The speaker on the left won't turn on - 29/12/2022

Most of the work is done. However, this is brand new and the speaker on the left doesn't work at all.

Jerquindal Kelly
Not new - 28/12/2022

We ordered a new Chrome book and received a used copy. The other person is still logged in. The packaging is ridiculous for an electronic device, as it is loosely placed in an oversized box. Now we have to go through the whole return process

I like it very much. - 27/12/2022

For my personal use, I recommend this laptop

Carolyn Valentine
The product at this price is very good - 26/12/2022

I bought this product for my own use. Good allocation at this price. Quick start, no fault, work smoothly. I would definitely recommend it.

Steve T
This is the most depressing piece of crap I have ever had!! - 22/12/2022

I loved my old Chromebook! This thing keeps logging me out and telling me my password is invalid. Then it goes on anyway, delete all my files!! It locks you out, and even if you type in the correct password, it tells you it's not right. You go through all the process of resetting your password, but it doesn't do it. It either locks you out or deletes your stuff so you can't get in. I'm ready to throw this junk in the driveway and run it over!!

It doesn't meet my needs. - 19/12/2022

It's not what I expected.

Keith Rowe
Perfect college life - 16/12/2022

It did its job without hesitation, and I now have something portable to take with me on my next trip

Partial incompletas - 14/12/2022

Vino solo la laptop con el cable. No trajo la bateria

great - 14/12/2022

My mom loves it

The price is moderate. - 14/12/2022


Darcy Spies
Take notes - 14/12/2022

It's good for everyday use and light weight, which I really like

Johnathan W.
The laptop didn't last long - 14/12/2022

Don't buy computer products if you're not satisfied with the product. The laptop was used for two months and only used three times before it broke.

Very useful laptop - 14/12/2022

I finally have my own laptop. HP is a great addition to any office at work or home. All the machines in my office are HP. Good quality and low price.

Michael Grant
Easy to set up and use - 06/12/2022

Incredible laptop. The battery life is very long. Quick and easy setup.

Joey Thao
The 4k screen is a joke - 06/12/2022

I bought this because of the advanced screen in the description. It says 4K, but it's just a basic 720P display. I'm going to return this not as described.

Robert Long
How it works - 06/12/2022

In most cases, it works. If I don't use it for more than 20 minutes, it goes black. I have to wait for it to decide to work again. When it works, it is great.

The price is cheap and the performance is good. It is also light and easy to carry. - 05/12/2022

Excellent value.

Bedelia Abbott
Mixed blessing - 02/12/2022

Not bad for all that money. I especially like the keyboard. The screen is the weakness. I feel like I'm looking at a 20-year-old laptop. Unacceptable by today's standards. $50 more for better gear! I gave it to a friend in need. Free is great for him.

Alex Wilde
Ease of use - 02/12/2022

Simply amazing performance and amazing cost!

Kelly H.
The best laptop. - 02/12/2022

I've bought other laptops that cost more, but they're not better for my needs, they just have more features I don't need. This laptop is a good price and fits my needs. Very satisfied.

eduardo sicilia
I bought this computer three months ago, but it doesn't work and it doesn't turn on today - 02/12/2022

It worked fine when I bought it, and now three months later, the computer is still not turned on

Trevor Van Dahm
Solid Chromebook - 02/12/2022

Perfect for my dear granddaughter's school needs.

value - 02/12/2022

The price is good and it seems to suit the purpose of the order.

Father Crisp
Good product - 23/11/2022

I bought this for my sister and daughter and she loves it!

Katie Reside
My Facebook account is gone. - 23/11/2022

The old Facebook account is synced, not the new one

Curly Gal
The computer worked 5 times and the keyboard quit.... - 23/11/2022

The lack of adequate inspection of these refurbished items has made me never order them again.

Value for money - 23/11/2022

Things like: touch screen, sturdy, keyboard, decent storage, fast enough to load websites Dislike: The daughter was annoyed by the power button. She says she has to press a few buttons to turn her laptop on. The chrome book doesn't support wireless printing, a point I didn't check during my selection process. All in all: a good laptop at a good price.

kurt johnstone
Super light, super fast system - 16/11/2022

It's one of my best investments, fast and light

mickey fleming
This laptop has sharp edges - 16/11/2022

The laptop had sharp edges that left painful deep grooves in my palm or wrist. I can't find aftermarket accessories to solve this problem. I can find plenty of other complaints about sharp edges online, though. My Acer Chromebook is only slightly rounded at the edges and doesn't cause this problem.

Say goodbye to your app - 16/11/2022

Worst thing I've ever done. My regular desktop windows 10 computer doesn't work anymore. It's all messed up. I can't even send e-mails on my regular computer anymore. Chromebooks destroy everything. I hate this laptop.

Jonathan G.
Live up to expectations - 16/11/2022

I use it on my printer and it works really well.

Ashley G.
This is exactly what we need - 16/11/2022

Excellent Chromebook. That's exactly what we're looking for. We were very pleased with its speed and sound quality.

Like to return N and p keys not working - 16/11/2022

The chromebook doesn't work. If you want to return it, please tell me how to return it

Noreen Scully
quality - 08/11/2022

Not like a laptop

Richard Walpole
My favorite! ! - 06/11/2022

I got this Chromebook for a great deal, and in fact, I'm using it to write this review! I'm in love with this thing!! I've been looking for!!!! Forget the ipad or tablet, this thing is amazing, and if you're in the market for a great laptop, buy it and you'll love it! Five big stars come from me!

Jimmy S
The perfect gift for my husband. - 02/11/2022

I was looking for a new laptop for my husband, and one of our daughters and one of our grandchildren recommended a Chromebook. My husband loves it! Inexpensive, easy to operate, easy to install. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Ashley Dahl
Easy to use - 02/11/2022

Love HP. So it's trustworthy

Brandon knezevich
It's worth it. Seventh graders love it. - 02/11/2022

Laptops are easy to use, charge quickly and have a nice screen. Our son loves it and it helps him in school.

I don't have access to the Internet - 27/10/2022

There are no jobs. It's not connected to the Internet at all. When I called for help, they wouldn't help. I finally had to send it back.

Bad service, no brand new operating system. It says the operating system is lost or damaged - 27/10/2022

There is no os which is the operating system grrr.

Such a good laptop price! - 27/10/2022

chromebook not received in time. But these are good things. The charger works well.

Nightmacer x
You still need a windows laptop - 20/08/2022

Well, as a MacOS and Windows user, the chrome side of things is monotonous and can still do what laptops do, only this one is different and I still recommend this laptop to any type of user

J Pine
It's a good deal and fast delivery. - 17/08/2022

Fast response, huge transaction and fast delivery.

I don't know how bad it is - 15/08/2022

I've always thought of Chromebooks as just an Android-based laptop platform. No. It's even worse. There is no other way to do this than to open the PDF file in a small window of an app designed for mobile phones. Half of the apps I use on my phone don't work on Chromebooks, but there's nothing like it on Chromebooks. This is terrible.

Eric Paulsen
Shut down unexpectedly and randomly - 14/08/2022

The product stays charged, but at some point, the screen turns white and turns off, not back on. This is always a problem because it may not operate when you need it. I would hesitate to order this Chromebook

Michelle Smith, MPH
Don't buy this computer - 04/08/2022

It was painfully slow to load things, and it was still basically in the factory - there wasn't anything on the computer yet. I have xfinity and very good network strength, so I know it's not my Internet because my other devices work just fine. I don't recommend it and hope I can be honest and send it back - it's just over a month old.

Died in less than a month!! - 04/07/2022

Not even a month later, it died in the middle of my app development. It's fully charged. I still have time to return it, but I've saved all my files. Id card, birth, etc... Once they open it, they have access to my email and everything. Next time I'll buy a real laptop from a store with a warranty. Update... It came back a day later. Not sure what happened, but it hasn't been a problem since. This is good.

Drop pricing items. - 18/08/2022

My son seems to love his Chrome Book. It's easy to work.

Missing piece - 15/08/2022

The computer was fine, but they only sent half a charger. It's missing the AC part that plugs into the wall. Luckily, there was a spare.

Mr. Bucket
East use - 15/08/2022

Lots of good features, 14 hours of battery life. It doesn't have a touch screen or enough memory to play big games like World of Warcraft, but it suits my study and business purposes.

Jody East
Touch-sensitive laptops are needed - 14/08/2022

The product is OK, just want a touch laptop. The strap is too heavy for me to use, that's all.

daniel forrester
Once the battery is dead, you can't turn it on - 13/08/2022

No. Can't turn on.

Work is done - 13/08/2022

Setting up is a bit difficult, with only one usb port, so you can't use cordless mouse and printer plug-ins that have nice graphics

Cheryl Abram, author of Firing God
She just quit. She stopped turning it on in less than a month. - 12/08/2022

No comment

Scott Marshall
Good laptop at a good price! - 11/08/2022

This is a great laptop for the price. It may not be top-of-the-line, but it's good enough for your basic needs.

James Walsh
I've had it for months and I don't like it! I wish I could give it back! - 10/08/2022

It's definitely not user-friendly.

Angela T. Holder
Nall - 07/08/2022

Great work

William Tyrel Bremkamp
Mobile PC - 07/08/2022

I think I ordered it. It arrived very soon. Very happy so far.

Steve Brown
Charging port damaged - 05/08/2022

It looks like a refurbished version, and the charging port is broken. I returned it, but I still haven't got my money back, and the item was delivered more than a week ago. Do not buy this product.

Donna Pate
Great value - 03/08/2022

This computer is very valuable. It works for any application. Whether you're a gamer, streaming enthusiast, movie buff, designer, or accountant, this is an affordable option.

Jessica Clark
They are selling inferior computers - 02/08/2022

Listen to the comments. The computer is broken. Try to buy a new charger in case it is a charger and still doesn't work. Return the goods. Save your time and money.

Marcela Miami
I've had this product for a week and I'm going to return it. Look at all the comments I'd like to see - 29/07/2022

It was hard to understand and wouldn't even let me add a printer.

Andrew J Neely
defective - 29/07/2022

As with previous comments, once plugged in, it won't cut and there was nothing wrong with the charger cable as it charged my other HP just fine. The laptop itself cannot be connected or accept the charger