Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Forza Horizon 5, 1 Xbox Wireless Controller - Black, w/Silicone Controller Cover Skin


Boost your adventure with the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition, fully loaded with add-ons including the Hot Wheels expansion, Welcome Pack, VIP Membership, Car Pass, and second expansion when it becomes available—all on the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever.Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving open world landscapes of Mexico in the world’s greatest cars with 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power, DirectX ray tracing, a custom SSD, and 4K gaming.Kickstart your ultimate adventure with Xbox Series X and the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition.Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition will be delivered directly to your console during set-up; no codes required. All included digital content will be attached to the first Microsoft Account that redeems it.The Forza Horizon 5 VIP Membership features 3 exclusive Forza Edition cars, Crown Flair, Vanity Items, Emote and Car Horn, Player House, Double Credit race rewards, weekly bonus Super Wheelspins, and more to give your game a boost and make you stand out at the Horizon Festival.The Forza Horizon 5 Welcome Pack includes 5 special pre-tuned cars, a Player House, a one-time grant to own any car from the game’s Autoshow, and 3 one-time grants for any Common or Rare clothing item.

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Brand: Microsoft

Controllers Included: 1

Memory: 16GB GDDR6 w/320 bit-wide bus

Internal storage: 1TB Custom NVME SSD

Gaming resolution: True 4K

CPU: 8X Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU

GPU: 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU

High Dynamic Range: Up to 8K HDR

Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray

Performance target: Up to 120 FPS

Dimensions: 5.94 x 5.94 x 11.85ines

Weight: 9.8 lbs

What's in the box:

Xbox Series X console
Xbox Wireless Controller - Carbon Black
Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition
Add-ons: Hot Wheels expansion, Welcome Pack, VIP Membership, Car Pass, and a second expansion when available
Power cord
Ultra High Speed HDMI cable

review for Black Blazer
Fast shipping! - 19/02/2023

After trying my luck with all the traditional channels. It was a little disturbing that I had to pay extra for a game I really didn't want, but it arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered it, so in my mind that offset the extra $60. After watching some of the gameplay, I thought this was a game I could finally get into. Box is in great shape. Everything is working well.

Compact footprint; Star pattern; Utility program - 15/02/2023

You can buy a regular x series game for less than $60, buy a free game for the first 3 months, and they include the game for free. The dlc is only $20. This package is a rip-off.

David Wills
Love it - 12/02/2023

After months of waiting for an invitation, I decided to use the bundle, and I'm glad I did. So far, everything is fine, loading is faster, and the game looks great. I wish it had different games, because Horizon 5 is already on the Game Pass, but I guess the car pass and DLC are OK. The console is much bigger than I expected. It's heavy and takes up a lot of space. Also, you only get 800gb of storage, not the advertised 1tb.

Lindsey Finn
Buy it anywhere. - 09/02/2023

Not only did this come very quickly, but it was brand new in a box, worked perfectly and even required signing on delivery, and I was happy to give a price point that included the game, which was perfectly reasonable and comparable to other sellers. All accessories count. I didn't see the new or refurbished wording, but mine is new, so if you can't find it either, here's my take on what I got. I was hesitant at first because there were so few reviews, but I'm glad I bought it anyway. Fully recommended. Now I'm off to play the Legends of Hogwarts!! Bbyyyeeee.

My wife likes to play Hogwarts Legends with this. - 06/02/2023

About 4.5 hours later, the weather began to warm up. But I don't think there's anything to worry about. My S lasted 6 years, and it's still alive, just a little sluggish. Let's look at the length of X.

Buy heavily - 06/02/2023

The powerful console fully supports 4K. Kids love it!

Linda Zajac
Amaze-balls - 02/02/2023

I bought this bundle because trying to buy a standalone console is basically impossible. Forza isn't a bad game, and getting the console is more than worth it than being on a waiting list for an indeterminate amount of time. Unlike previous console bundles, the game itself doesn't have unique cards or anything. Once the console is set up, you can claim the game and start downloading it. Glad my husband found this package for me and I didn't have to wait for an invitation to buy a new Xbox.

The best - 02/02/2023

Everything happened as promised. Ignore the fools who knee-jerk comments that Forza isn't in the box. It shouldn't be, it was downloaded during the installation process.

Britney Pantoja
works - 23/01/2023

I've plugged it all in and set it up, and now it's downloading stuff - the first Xbox I've owned since my 360 crashed a decade ago, and I'm very excited. Also, someone mentioned that games are not included - it's not a physical disc, it's a digital download that can be downloaded for free during the installation process. So far, I've gotten everything that the list said I should get.

Benjamin Gamez
no - 15/01/2023

It came two days after the order was placed. I'm worried about whether this can be handled safely. The box arrived slightly damaged, but everything inside was held firmly in place with thick, strong foam. It's working well so far.

Stock and arrive quickly! - 28/12/2022

It's only available on Xbox Series X consoles (invitation-only), but I could get this. I'm glad I did! Great! A day earlier than scheduled! Love Forza Motorsport and my new Xbox!

This bundle is such a waste of money - 08/09/2022

I have a 1tb unit with an optical drive and a controller. Forza Motorsport 5 is a lot of fun, plus all the Xbox games I've owned in the last few years are available via Xbox Game Pass/Xbox Gold, so I can play Centipede, Joust, Q-Bert, and other classic arcade games. Red Dead Redemption and MS Flight Simulator are equally good.

Finally - 07/09/2022

I didn't want to wait for someone to call me, so to make a few extra bucks, I bought this bag.

Abraham Keita Jr.
Perfect! ! - 07/09/2022

If there is any problem and you have to talk to more than 15 different representatives and they all say different things lol it's almost funny but it really isn't when you pay this money. Watch out for people

Belle Moya
Finally inventory in some way, shape or form. - 05/09/2022

Everything went as we expected. We played the new Hogwarts Saga game all weekend. I don't want to buy a second-hand one because this machine is expensive, so I want to buy a new one. All the local games are sold out, I can't get here until Valentine's Day, and my wife has been talking for the past few weeks about how much fun everyone is having with the new game. So I decided to surprise her with this bag. We already have the Xbox 1, and the X Series is much faster. I don't mind car games because it's worth it to me to have them early on, and the kids are already playing them. Highly recommended.

Powerful console - 05/09/2022

Fit for game

Aunt Christy
In the stock! - 31/08/2022

Super fast delivery speed. The case is not damaged. Perfect work

All good! Forza is downloaded during installation. - 28/08/2022

The best console on the market and the best racing game on the market. The express shipment will be packed in two days. It's the best deal in the game and offers a truly cutting-edge experience.

Joey Thao
Blu-ray player - 27/08/2022

The gaming system has great features, but the Blu-ray player is not as good as the Xbox One s. It can recognize 3D TVS and also play DVDS, Blu-ray, ultra HD discs and 3D discs. As a system, the One S can play 3D games without a problem. I didn't know about these differences until I almost bought the X, and I'm glad I discovered them in time. The 3D stuff was important to me, so it became a deal breaker for me. Most people don't like my 3D, but if 3D is important to you, One S is the way to go.

Bryon inman
Not very fun - 27/08/2022


Very good - 25/08/2022

It shows in time and works the way it should. The game section is installed.

Kindle Customer
Bundles suitable for DLC - 24/08/2022

The delivery was very fast and secure so I could reach my hands very well, except that the box had a few small cuts and the xbox box had a few small courtesies, everything else was fine.

It came up pretty quickly - 21/08/2022

Packages are delivered very quickly, and security on the Xbox itself is excellent.

Fast and secure delivery - 19/08/2022

Even if you own the GamePass, the DLC contains a lot of cars, tokens, and expansions that haven't been released yet. Good deal.

Wendy Cooper
Poor security - 16/08/2022

The driver left it at the door without even putting it in a package

David R. Chase
Good game on xbox - 14/08/2022

It was a good game and Kobe came early

Gail Pietzak
Conditions are very good - 14/08/2022

Finally an invitation to buy - my six kids love it! No problem, so worth it!

This review won't get you off your back. - 14/08/2022

Playing with the new generation is the best

Horrible machine - 13/08/2022

It's brand new. Within 2 days

Janette alvarez
It's good - 11/08/2022

This Xbox is awesome. Excellent graphics and controllers are better than the standard controllers that came with the S Series. The images are crazy.

Overpriced junk - 09/08/2022

Smaller than the ps5. More powerful than the ps5. Quick resume, not on ps5. Better controller than ps5.

Pepe Sylvia
Perfect for beginners and experienced players - 07/08/2022

The game! Great console!!

Silver Weston
Powerful game system - 06/08/2022

This thing screams. This is the system I wanted 10 years ago. My game has never been better. Make sure you buy the right monitor and the right video card. Some are just compatible, and some are the exact same brand.

Greyson Baldwin
Fast loading with zero latency - 06/08/2022

Amazing product. A slightly different setup from the previous XBOX. It's definitely high quality. Its packing is very good. You can tell that they are taking extra steps not only in design and manufacturing, but also in packaging. I highly recommend this product.
Thank you. It's a belated Christmas present for my son - 05/08/2022

I haven't used a video game console since the arcade days many years ago. The X Box boots up very fast and has a super graphics card. There are no heating or software problems with this machine. I'd be a lot better off if they packaged a few simple games so users could quickly understand the controller.

This is the next generation, all right - 05/08/2022

I bought this to replace my original Xbox One from 10 years ago, and the difference in speed and frame rate is noticeable. It took a few seconds to load from my T7 SSD compared to older hosts. Also, there are no weird loading delays during gameplay: Examples include freezing cut-scenes where audio is out of sync, and old consoles occasionally pausing to load more games from SSDS. The X Series solved these problems with updated hardware and USB Super Speed 3.1. One problem I have with this new Xbox is that they have eliminated the hdmi port, allowing me to watch cable/satellite TV through the console. This isn't a problem in terms of what the console has to offer, but it's more the loss of convenience. Finally, I think it's worth mentioning: • When it comes to connecting to the console, it's a piece of cake. • Fewer USB ports compared to older consoles. • When you first turn on the console, you'll need to get the Xbox app for IOS/Android and have an Internet connection in order to start the process of the console running. • Games made specifically for series X/S must be installed in internal storage in order to run. Xbox One games can run on decent SSDS, like my T7. • Finally, note that despite its rectangular box shape, it is surprisingly small, lightweight, and very quiet. Overall, it's a great console that delivers on its promise.

Do I really need an upgrade? - 04/08/2022

The gameplay and look are the same on the One x, so I can't give it 5 stars.

Shilpa Patel
The best game console in the world - 04/08/2022

Look, you either buy an Xbox or you don't. When people walk through the candy aisle, it's not a random feeling. It upgrades the xbox one, just like it upgrades the xbox 360, just like it upgrades the xbox. It's no different from the way SONY made the playstation, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5. Now I will say that opening it and turning it on won't feel like you would if you opened any of the following :NES, SNES, N64, GAMECUBE(it definitely won't feel like this), OG Xbox or PS2. They work differently, but they're all the same, except for the GameCube, which is slightly better. If you're lucky enough to turn those on, the Xbox is like turning on a microwave to heat up a pizza roll. It starts and singing voice, won't make you full of antici... Just like any other system. I'm not saying the Xbox is boring or unworthy, the ps3-5 is just as boring. No recent system has had the boot experience I mentioned. For me, the NES was a new thing in the world because I was so young and it had a big influence on me, but the SNES was very special. The N64 barely managed to hold its own, but the GameCube was nothing like the PS2 that followed. og Xbox is like N64, it's not bad, but it doesn't bother you as much as other systems. Yes, I'm old, my new products have been with me since I was 5, and I don't limit myself to one brand. I still have my own Sega main system and other Nintendo/Sega systems, as well as Xbox and PS systems. I even have a Panasonic 3do..... But anyway. Like I said, this review won't put your guard down. My only advice is, if you want it and have the money, get it, but don't become a huge Xbox fan, because one day you'll hate yourself.

Ahmed El-Alfy
great - 02/08/2022

Buy it for the only Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe game, but watching 4k movies is also a huge plus.

Great Xbox - 02/08/2022

it doesn't matter

Simply incredible - 31/07/2022

No better than the xbox one

That's great! - 30/07/2022

My son loves it. Excellent system

K. Armbruster
Everything you ever dreamed of. - 28/07/2022

I switched from Xbox One S to this one and it's such a big difference. Load times are much faster and the graphics are amazing. The detail, shading and lighting that some games now offer on this system is amazing. The setup is simple, textures added to the gamepad make the controller comfortable, the potential game library is huge thanks to backward compatibility, and being able to play 4K Blu-ray is an added bonus. The only complaint was the amount of storage. I quickly filled up the internal drive and hated paying for expensive expanded memory cards.

Azzi Sanders
The best XBOX ever - 28/07/2022

Fast, quiet and stunning graphics

Amorin Johnson
Great gaming platform - 27/07/2022

My son uses this system, he has XBox One, it's so different, clarity wow, thank you

Awesome game console - 25/07/2022

The only problem is that X space is very limited if you have a lot of games

Best video game machine - 25/07/2022

My grandson loves it

That's exactly how it should be - 24/07/2022

And the fan is surprisingly quieter than its predecessors. Definitely recommend.

Xbox Series X - 22/07/2022

The best gift I ever bought for myself arrived on time and played all day

Solid game system - 21/07/2022

PlayStation crap

amazing - 21/07/2022

Graphics are incredible, easy to use and control.

Taylor Lea Pratt
Finally - 21/07/2022

It's for my husband, because his old one is on its way out. The preparation has been easy. We haven't had a problem yet. Streaming is so much faster!

Great game performance - 20/07/2022

I do most of my online shopping, but I also bought a couple of these consoles elsewhere. I originally wanted Halo Infinity, but I had to pay through the nose to get it. Even getting the standard X Series was difficult because every time I checked, everything seemed to be out of stock.

Darion Lott
That's just what I need! - 19/07/2022

Basically a brand new console, including the controller, and at a significant discount. The only caveat is that it doesn't include the original box and packaging. Suggestion.

Stand out. Super fast and crystal clear game, easy to set up - 18/07/2022

My husband is very happy with the purchase and has been playing the game lol. It also comes with a player headset, which we didn't expect

Evelyn Arroyo
Life-changing devices - 16/07/2022

The Great Console still needs to update its features to catch up with the PS5, such as recording interiors. But it's new. We'll see it soon.

Joe Frieden
Land exploitation - 15/07/2022

This is my favorite game console. I play this easily and some of my favorite games are heard

Edgar Santos
The perfect console. - 14/07/2022

The new x series will be here soon

Love it - 13/07/2022

It's a good deal. Just when I thought I needed help setting it up, my 10-year-old son arrived and set it up in the blink of an eye. I bought a second controller, which is battery-operated and slightly different from the one that came with it. It's been a good deal so far.

Love the resolution - 11/07/2022

It's a very quiet run. Decent UI. This is the Xbox.

Graphics are superior! - 11/07/2022

I finally got my version of X, it offered me an offer to buy it, I accepted it, and it was fine.

The best one yet! - 11/07/2022

I finally got a next-gen console through a third-party seller. Fast transport and product play great. Here's to the joy of playing the X-Box series X over the years.

Best Xbox Console - 10/07/2022

Good game performance and reasonable price

Shantel W
Worth upgrading - 08/07/2022

I've been waiting for the Xbox X to come out at a reasonable price! This price point was perfect when I got it! Less than $600! It also works perfectly! I just want it to have multiple controllers. It fits perfectly on my TV stand, and you can put it next to it or under it. It's also easy to set up!

perfect - 07/07/2022

This is a very valuable upgrade to the standard X-Box or Xbox-S. Load times are reduced to almost zero and picture quality is remarkable.

Great console - 07/07/2022

It's amazing.

Robinson N.
Finally! - 04/07/2022

Quieter and more aesthetically pleasing than Crapstation 5. So use your head and buy the XSX, a true next gen console with next gen features (quick recovery, automatic HDR, FPS Boost), not the over-hyped PoS 4 pro.

It has to be faster - 03/07/2022

I got the order, and it'll be ready in a few days. The system arrived within a week. Always like

That's great! - 03/07/2022

The product was delivered earlier than expected and in perfect condition. This gift made my son's Christmas. Thanks again!

You don't know what you're missing. - 02/07/2022

Overall, this is one of the best consoles (if not the best ever).

Xbox system - 29/06/2022

This item has all the features you need to start the game; Includes Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X controller with full battery, HDMI cable and power cord, great packaging. It's worth it!

Excellent product! - 27/06/2022

I bought it for a 35-year-old gamer. This is what he wanted all his life!! When it arrived, he was ecstatic. So I believe it's a good deal.

I'm happy with what I bought - 27/06/2022

Great delivery, great merchandise.

Nelia Waters
Be ready to play - 25/06/2022

I recently purchased the Xbox Series X and was blown away by the performance and features of this new generation console. The graphics are stunning and the load time is almost non-existent thanks to the solid-state drive. The gamepad was comfortable to hold and the haptic feedback added a new level of immersion to my gameplay. Overall, I'm very happy with the Xbox Series X I purchased and highly recommend it to any gamer looking for the ultimate gaming experience. The console's performance and features were top-notch, and it quickly became the centerpiece of my home entertainment device.

Great game console. - 24/06/2022

Receive the goods in good condition on the promised delivery date.

Millie mae
No more breakdowns! Just run! - 23/06/2022

I like everything and hate nothing.

The best console on the market - 18/06/2022

I finally got one with an invitation option. Great game system. I really don't have anything to say!

The turnaround is very fast. - 17/06/2022

I've owned the Xbox Series X for about a year and am impressed with its capabilities. On my 4K TV, the picture was smooth and stunning, and the fast load times made switching between games a breeze. The console's design is sleek and modern, and it fits perfectly with my entertainment setup.

Cortricia Bennett
Amazing service! - 16/06/2022

Perfect product packaging! Everything went well and it arrived a full week ahead of schedule!

Elizabeth Moore
The best Xbox and one of the best consoles ever made, period! - 16/06/2022

If you've been using regular XB1 or One S, you don't know how much better things will get. Once you see the difference in load time and power, you'll be shocked. In Cyberpunk, you can see further, with loading times ranging from 1-2 minutes for one-S to 7 seconds for this bad boy. I get it.

Joe Pizzurro
Excellent condition! - 15/06/2022

Cheap and semi-easy to install.

It's a gift. - 14/06/2022

I've never used a game console in about 18 years. This is my first console purchase. So far, it looks great, and the game looks high resolution and rich in color. Beautiful design, ready to play with friends, siblings.

Finally - 03/06/2022

I use a projector to play my Xbox, and although I've never owned an Xbox before, I absolutely love this machine! There's no denying that I'm happy with my investment. Highly recommend

Shannon Harrison
My Xbox is a beast!! - 29/05/2022

I still can't handle you being ready to play in less than a minute, even elden ring loads so fast!

Xbox Series x - 28/05/2022

What I like about the xbox is that it's small and not too big. What I like is that I wish there was more and higher internal storage to start with. 1 terabyte is not enough.

Value for money - 28/05/2022

I'm not a super gamer, but the games I play require a big brain to run it. My Xbox One is really struggling and crashes a lot. I also bought an OLED TV and wanted a system that would improve the graphics. The graphics look really good and I haven't had any problems yet. No hang or crash, this is using mods, which can cause problems. It's also user-friendly. I really like this new controller. The grip is very accurate. But what I like most about the X Series is that the transition loading time is almost a blink of an eye and you're in.

Soledad Sierra
Excellent product description - 26/05/2022

I looked high and low for this Christmas present for my son. My son is so happy Christmas morning!!

Trails Hale
Next generation game - 22/05/2022

Great system, great graphics. Expensive $70 games, socks you can't resell games.

Wah Yu Htoo
Excellent performance - 20/05/2022

Nice game console

I love it. - 18/05/2022

It's an early Christmas present for me. It's better than I thought. It was fun, and I needed some time to get used to it.

Christine Darden
The best Xbox console on the market - 18/05/2022

Well, I have the courage to admit that I was wrong. I initially ran into some problems and left a not so good comment, which I am now editing. As it turned out, my new Xbox X was fine, and my Vizio(so-called 4k, aka garbage) TV couldn't handle the responsibility.

michael miller
Great next generation game - 18/05/2022

Order Monday, get Wednesday morning. It worked like the AD said.

Jessica Jarman
Not a scam - 17/05/2022

Given the price gouging going on everywhere, it's great to be paying normal system prices again. So far, he's running strong!

Robert Shepack
perfect - 16/05/2022

It's beautifully packaged and comes with free games. To be honest, I hesitate, but would recommend it anyway.

Mr. King
Three plugs, and you're good to go - 12/05/2022

Thank you for your invitation

I mean, it's an xbox with ray-tracking - 11/05/2022

The Xbox is as described - the description says the seller has 2 controllers. Gave extra games. Some small scratches. Otherwise perfect.

Byron Noble
What a pleasure! ! - 06/05/2022

Excellent product description

Great system - 06/05/2022

Got this as a Christmas present, played earlier on Series s, Series x is a great console that seems to have more storage than Series s and works well

Sydney Dillon
Nice system - 04/05/2022

I bought this to replace my old Xbox One. Destiny 2 takes up to 10 seconds to open menus at first, and many large outdoor maps with lots of enemies have very low framerates. It all worked out. The menu pops up immediately, and the 4K-enabled graphics look sharper.

Johnathan W.
How's it going so far? - 03/05/2022

It has better graphics.

Dee xx
I accept correction - 30/04/2022

I've had it for 3 months or more, and I'm impressed with the features compared to my original Xbox x. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Super happy! - 29/04/2022

The new Xbox Series X is an amazing machine. Fast and reliable. If you like the Xbox one, you'll like the x. The only downside is a 1Tb hard drive, so you may need an external hard drive. Personally, I put my computer on a desk with a keyboard and mouse. It's basically like a gaming pc for a quarter of the price.

Laura N.
That's great! - 29/04/2022

When I bought this, I was afraid of online scams these days and opened the box to see an empty shell. It's legal, and it retails for something. It's perfect. It was I who bought it. It's also a game console, so it can do everything it needs to do just like my Xbox One x without complaining.

ashley joseph
Incredible -- as expected - 26/04/2022

The perfect gift for my son

Good product - 22/04/2022

Very easy to set up. We live with all the features and easy Internet access

Ginger Weston
Sellers are fantastic contacts and ensure fast delivery. - 21/04/2022

Cool, the new controller is cool, but it doesn't charge, so it's L

Hayley Hinkle
Great console - 19/04/2022

I haven't found anything bad about the XBOX. I can't put down my controller... Maybe that's the bad thing! The graphics are unreal and load times are really fast... I love it!

Courtney Lastiyano
Next generation games! - 18/04/2022

Support ultra HD 4K 120 frames. CEC and Alexa controls are allowed. Fast loading time. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It was very quiet. On top of that, the Ultimate Cloud game is awesome. With cloud gaming, you don't have to run out of little SSDS. Please note that cloud games generally do not support multiplayer.

Donna Garrison
Brand new. - 18/04/2022

I had my doubts about the upgraded console, but I found them misplaced. Consoles are awesome! No problems with disconnects, no frame drops, amazing graphics! I'm glad I upgraded!

Good game - 17/04/2022

This is my dream console

My son loves it - 08/04/2022

As a PC player, this is the first console to bring something important!!

Finally - 07/04/2022

It's for my son. He loves it

X series - 02/04/2022

I'm glad it implemented an invitation-to-buy program. I was waiting to buy the X Series when the price was at least down to the suggested retail price. Backward compatible games are great. Most will play, but check the list for confirmation.

New New
A month later, I'm still pleased with its performance. - 01/04/2022

He plays all day long

Joseph A. Martinez
The Xbox is finally here! - 31/03/2022

Love the console. It goes right behind the televison.

Impressive backward compatibility for me is going to!!!! The way of - 30/03/2022

Impressive backward compatibility for me is going to

The best! - 28/03/2022

Overall, I really liked this great console

Natali Castro
Excellent console. - 26/03/2022

This console is a beast! No matter which side of the console war you're on, it comes down to a preference. I really don't think any fans will regret buying these new consoles (Series X/PS5).

Revolutionary gaming experience - 25/03/2022

The product has clean packaging. New!

Love this console! - 24/03/2022

That's great. I like its design and performance.

The best comfort - 21/03/2022

Since February, there have been no complications. If you are worried about buying a console due to refurbishment, I highly recommend buying it here. I have no regrets.

Jeasam Cabrera
Buy heavily - 21/03/2022

Finally got an invitation to the new xbox Series x. Load times are much better and I can see zero video lag.

Verona Joseph
It's good for games. - 20/03/2022

The best host!

My son loves it - 20/03/2022

I wish I didn't have to buy a fan to keep it cool.

amazing - 18/03/2022

It's finally ready to order! Thank you for coming in time for Christmas! What a nice gift. He was shocked and excited.

Value for money - 11/03/2022

When I first opened the box, it had a beautiful look and was definitely the best gift I could have bought myself this year!!!!!! If you've worked hard this year and haven't been able to get a PS5 and play a lot of sports games like me, then this console is a must get!!!! Xbox has a great exclusive Halo library, Gears of War, Knights of the Old Republic Just to name a few for me, this is perfect!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!