Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Forza Horizon 5, 1 Xbox Wireless Controller - Black, w/HDMI Cable + Batteries and Charger Accessories Set


Boost your adventure with the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition, fully loaded with add-ons including the Hot Wheels expansion, Welcome Pack, VIP Membership, Car Pass, and second expansion when it becomes available—all on the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever.Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving open world landscapes of Mexico in the world’s greatest cars with 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power, DirectX ray tracing, a custom SSD, and 4K gaming.Kickstart your ultimate adventure with Xbox Series X and the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition.Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition will be delivered directly to your console during set-up; no codes required. All included digital content will be attached to the first Microsoft Account that redeems it.The Forza Horizon 5 VIP Membership features 3 exclusive Forza Edition cars, Crown Flair, Vanity Items, Emote and Car Horn, Player House, Double Credit race rewards, weekly bonus Super Wheelspins, and more to give your game a boost and make you stand out at the Horizon Festival.The Forza Horizon 5 Welcome Pack includes 5 special pre-tuned cars, a Player House, a one-time grant to own any car from the game’s Autoshow, and 3 one-time grants for any Common or Rare clothing item.

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Brand: Microsoft

Controllers Included: 1

Memory: 16GB GDDR6 w/320 bit-wide bus

Internal storage: 1TB Custom NVME SSD

Gaming resolution: True 4K

CPU: 8X Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU

GPU: 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU

High Dynamic Range: Up to 8K HDR

Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray

Performance target: Up to 120 FPS

Dimensions: 5.94 x 5.94 x 11.85ines

Weight: 9.8 lbs

What's in the box:

Xbox Series X console
Xbox Wireless Controller - Carbon Black
Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition
Add-ons: Hot Wheels expansion, Welcome Pack, VIP Membership, Car Pass, and a second expansion when available
Power cord
Ultra High Speed HDMI cable

review for Black Blazer
It's fun! ! - 02/03/2023

The system came brand new sealed in a box and has worked perfectly so far. This is the only seller who can come to me that day. Thank you!

Twyla Evans
Count me happy - 28/02/2023

As a gamer for over 20 years, I always want to upgrade my console whenever possible. Solid unit performance. I understand the need to request an invitation to buy a console because of the chip shortage, but of course availability is limited. In contrast, the X series has a disc tray so you can watch Blu-ray. The S series does not. Keep this in mind if you have a physical copy of the game.

Daria and dominica
The best xbox - 28/02/2023

Work is done! Much faster than Xbox, 4K Ultra HD is great, one thing I don't like is that the Blu-ray feature is a little twee at times, but I love it.

Carlos Valenzuela
good - 16/02/2023

Magical comfort! Quiet, fast, backward compatibility, etc.

Mirian Acevedo
Thank you xbox for having me - 12/02/2023

I'm a late gamer. This is my first console. This is great!

Wow! - 09/02/2023

It's coming fast, the best xbox is in 2022. Love it

Sandra E. Botts
A good complement - 09/02/2023

good complement so far.

Perfect! No price gouging. - 09/02/2023

The Xbox Series X is a good follow-up to the Xbox One X and addresses my biggest complaint - slow loading. The new console uses solid state storage, which makes a big difference in load times. I also appreciate HDMI 2.1, which allows playback at a 120hz refresh rate on TVS that support it.

Alex MArinelarena
Perfect system - 25/01/2023

I'm not going to write a lengthy review of this product. All you really need to know is that I have S and X, and X is significantly better in every way except conservation of space. S stutters on GUI, wobbles if you have games in quick resume, and it's really bad at rendering high-end games... Not to mention it can't play 4k.

Mr. J. Richards
I ordered it for two years, and I finally got it. My son in college loved it (noticed the difference) - 22/01/2023

I love everything about this console; It's 4k and has a lot of other features.

It works well, and it's brand new - 16/01/2023

Great graphics and a lot of fun. Expensive, but so are all new consoles.

Nick Valdez
Best performance without taking up too much space. - 26/12/2022

She's a beautiful woman. She's doing better than expected. Thanks to Xbox

Stephanie Brown
Love it! - 05/12/2022

Fast, reliable, and great. Xbox to win!

Kindle Customer
Amazing! - 30/11/2022


Wow! Wow!.. - 23/11/2022

The Xbox X has several advantages over the Xbox one. The first thing you notice is silence. The noisy fans of the past are gone. Big towers may or may not be your thing. But it runs calmly and smoothly. I've noticed better viewing quality in older games. Skyrim is doing better than ever on the new console. Gamers are going to love the new Xbox.

Great machines are worth 1000% - 06/11/2022

As a lifelong playstation fan, not only am I impressed with the graphics quality and the next generation console, xbox Gaming Pass has become a welcome addition to my gaming life and I would recommend this device!

Very good - 02/11/2022

Love this. Excellent graphics and fast loading times. Highly recommend

Great upgrade - 20/10/2022

Perfect. Thanks to the program to combat all price gouging. Transport and deliver with care.

It's actually better than S - 07/10/2022

xbox fans will be happy to have this console. As someone who hasn't played any games since 360, I'm glad this has helped me regain my addiction. The console is huge and looks like it's under the TV. I love that it integrates backward compatibility with select games and has a growing list of games. It loads fast and the graphics are the best I've ever seen.

robert langlois
Great console - 01/10/2022

We had an old Xbox, waiting for the X Series to come out, supply chain issues, delays, and after two years, I finally got a space and ordered it immediately. Faster, smoother, better graphics, less latency. College students like it. My daughter has S Series, if you can't wait or can't find X, that's great too, but if you do, get X Series!!

Amazing Pictures - 20/09/2022

I quickly got it again on time, the box is not damaged, the seal is not damaged, everything is fine, only one game has this, only one game right now, so I won't open it until that game is released Ocean, last hope, can you say it with me?

Console gaming on a whole new level! - 03/08/2022

This xbox Series x console works in new state, thanks Microsoft!

Be there on time. The perfect job. I love it. - 21/07/2022


Tami G.
amazing - 18/07/2022

I'm used to the interface, but the X series made my old One S look like a joke! Loading menus, games, basically everything is very fast!

R. Johnson
I love my Xbox and am so happy to have it again. - 27/06/2022

Project '! The packing is very exquisite. Delivery is very fast. Very happy.

It was great - 26/06/2022

So I like my xbox one, it's a very upgraded xbox one, features include overall faster disk drive for game installation, full backward compatibility with every game in my game library xbox 360, xbox one and Series x/s, and even xbox one and Series x controllers, Makes finding the controller easier.

Xbox Series x The best console ever - 25/06/2022

I waited more than a year to get my hands on the new X Series, and it didn't disappoint. System boot speed is day and night from One S and quick recovery rock.

Chris Robinson
broken - 23/06/2022

The console I received had no obvious flaws, nor was there any real indication that it had been used, minus the battery that came with the controller, we were missing one, but that was not the important issue.

Blake Leon Panuco
solid - 21/06/2022

My son has been asking for one for years and I finally got one. He was very pleased with that!

Great photo - 23/05/2022

I don't know how Microsoft can produce such a good system. I'm so happy!

Boris Botton
Love the smell of the new game system when you open the box - 21/05/2022

Amazing graphics, day and night from Xbox X to Xbox Series X,

Rusty Edwards
I like it!!!! - 30/04/2022

I always wait a few years for a new console to fix bugs and issues. When I was selected for the lottery, I decided to jump and was glad I did. From Xbox one x to Xbox x, clarity, depth and sharpness are night and day. Seeing an IMax movie is a new experience. Since my first year, I've had all three major games from Xbox to playstation and Nintendo. This thing is going to win MEDALS hands down.

Play Xbox every day - 15/04/2022

I like it very much. Be there on time. The perfect job.

Erin N
4K is great, but I love how fast it loads everything! Wow! - 04/04/2022

I love this console, I love the 120hz and 1440p gaming experience. You'll need HDMI 2.1 cables and TVS to work, and although the overall build quality is amazing, SSDS are very fast in this consul and highly recommended for new xbox buyers

Just like - 27/03/2022

My sons are Photoshop fans. On the other hand, I love my Xbox. A few years later, I finally became an Xbox user again.

Very satisfied with my purchase - 26/03/2022


Xbox > PS5 - 20/03/2022

I only bought it by invitation. The console is better than expected. Project Cars Assetto Corsa and f12020 look great! Blu-ray players are excellent! I'm glad I bought it. It was worth the wait!!

Ray Camellon
That's great! - 16/03/2022

The best Xbox

He was so happy!! - 10/03/2022

Solid products. New said!!

Great game system... - 03/03/2022

My TV is not smart, so I have Roku, Fire and other connected services. I switched everything to Xbox(Disney, Prime, HBO, etc.) like I bought a new TV! The picture quality is amazing! And the game is better than my "game" computer

Compared to my Xbox One X, this is awesome - 03/03/2022

I've been playing with it since I took it out of the box. I spent a lot of time buying this console at a house on the road. I like to play video games with my grandson. One day, I got tired of packing my collection. I didn't think there would be much of a graphical difference between s and x, but when I booted up the x, I was blown away by the visuals and performance, and it was well worth it. Now I have to buy one for my grandson.

Neda Henery
Entertainment full of fun - 21/02/2022

I love my new Xbox. Images are killers, and they're incredibly fast. Worth every penny!

I'd like to place an order with this seller - 21/02/2022

Making the leap to the next level of performance was better than most for me, as my last xbox before this was the original stock xbox one(2013) model halo version. So when I bought the X Series, I couldn't believe it took me less than 5 seconds to load a new save or screen in my favorite game (Skyrim); It took a few minutes before. The description "The console that swallows a Lamborghini" fits this robotic beast perfectly.

No complaints at all! - 21/02/2022

When you die, you don't have to wait forever for the game to reload, like 3 seconds. Loading is fast.

David O
Amazing Pictures - 20/02/2022

For two years, the console was almost impossible to find. I got an email saying they had it in stock and we were selling it to customers. Unlike other stores or people, they didn't raise prices at all. They retail for it, which I appreciate is a fair price. Delivery was fast and I was very pleased with the console. I use it to play games, but it's an entertainment console for everyone in the living room. I had a great time buying it.

It arrived quickly and the product was as described. That's great! ! - 20/02/2022

My favorite console. It works beautifully.

Must have - 18/02/2022

It takes about three weeks from invitation request to delivery.

Pilar Hood
Excellent product. - 16/02/2022

Just like the title says.

Wow! ! - 16/02/2022

The quality of this machine is first class. The pictures and performances live up to expectations. My only complaint was the odd size of the unit, which I ended up having to put on the floor because it didn't fit in the entertainment center.

Reynaldo Perez
Super reliable, on time, perfect - 16/02/2022

This is what I've been waiting for. Glad to have my xbox Search x without any extra preferential prices.

Very powerful - 16/02/2022

I bought this to play Forza Motorsport 5 and other racing games. It performed much better than my Xbox One x.

Linda Thibodeau
Yes! ! - 13/02/2022

I love my new Xbox. There's a lot of entertainment in it

Joy Wohlgemuth
Make playing Skyrim feel like a new experience. - 12/02/2022

It arrived before the date and was in good condition Overall customer satisfaction

Make overload time bearable - 12/02/2022

Absolutely love everything about it. It's been a while since I've played a console game (the N64 was the last console I had before moving to PC). It takes time to get used to, but I love everything about it so far! Best Buy of the year!

It has succeeded. - 10/02/2022

I'm so glad I ordered it on Friday morning and got it on Saturday afternoon! It's grind time!!

Jerquindal Kelly
Love it - 30/12/2021

It arrived quickly and the product was as described

It will arrive on August 14th - 25/11/2021

The graphics are incredible, the running is incredibly smooth, the best Microsoft console since the 360

Carolyn Valentine
Love my Xbox - 25/11/2021

The best gaming experience.

Steve T
As advertised - 23/11/2021

It finally happened to me! Put away my video game, I just can't hide it!

So happy - 09/11/2021

It will be here soon. Its work

Keith Rowe
Love it - 07/11/2021

The only thing better is a high-end PC.

Xbox Series X - 02/11/2021

I was excited to get the offer to buy the Xbox x. I was a little nervous because of all the scams going on, but Microsoft made this happen. The system is amazing. Much better than PS5!

mayra pantoja
Great seller! ! - 26/10/2021

Great game console!

Harry Shoemaker
Finally! - 22/10/2021

The console is in much better shape than I expected, working well outside the box, but this is negligible at best

Darcy Spies
Tired of waiting - 19/10/2021

Tired of waiting for invitations..... Ordering from Microsoft is no problem.

peyton foti
Beat ps5 ps4! - 09/10/2021

The setup is simple, the Internet connection is good, and I like to do it on my phone.

Great technology with some problems - 06/09/2021

I mention this because it was definitely not one of the early launches, when they were still figuring it out...

Michael Grant
Bought my first console to play my own games, only to find out they want you to pay for them again! - 02/09/2021

Here's my rant about wanting to play a game I already own. Overall, I was very happy with the Xbox I received. It has amazing graphics and great processing power. I'm still frustrated that I can't use it in the games I want to play, but it's something I have to live with. I love playing games on this console, but if there was a way to connect my account and transfer games, that would be greatly appreciated.

So excited! ! - 31/08/2021


Robert Long
It's time for Xbox to improve compatibility and versatility. - 26/08/2021

I love the Xbox X, but the memory is totally disappointing.