Meta Quest 2 (Oculus) Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset 128 GB with Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber, w/ Quest 2 Anti-slip Protective Sleeve With Hand Strap


Meta Quest 2 Resident Evil 4 bundle with Beat Saber. Get two iconic games included. Limited edition.Keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high speed action unfolds around you with a super-fast processor and high-resolution display.Explore an expanding universe of over 350 titles across gaming, fitness, social/multiplayer and entertainment, including exclusive blockbuster releases and totally unique VR experiences.Specially designed for the Oculus Quest 2 touch controllers, Grip Covers made out of super strength silicone rubber, it is non-slip, durable, and comfortable, enhance game fun.Come together in incredible social spaces and multiplayer arenas as you take in live events with friends and family, find your new workout crew or join quests with fellow adventurers.

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Brand: Meta Quest

Internal Memory: 128 gigabytes

Number Of Controllers Included: 2

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: true

Sensors: Integrated insight sensor(s)

Controller(s): true

Display Type: LCD

Compatible Devices: Windows PC that meets minimum requirements

Water Resistant: false

Interactive Buttons: true

Color: White

Facebook Required: Yes

Pixels Per Eye: 1832 x 1920

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Control Type: Two Oculus Touch Controllers

What's Included:

  • Quest 2 Headset

  • 2 Touch Controllers

  • 2 AA Batteries

  • Power Adapter

  • Charging Cable

  • Silicone Facial Interface

Accessories: Quest 2 Anti-slip Protective Sleeve With Hand Strap Accessory

review for Black Blazer
Just amazing - 06/02/2023

Beat the Sabres all the way

A great seller with a great product - 02/02/2023

thank you

Outstanding budget headset - With a catch - 23/01/2023


Fantastic fir the kids - 15/01/2023

I love the free experience of being able to go anywhere without leaving your chair

K. Armbruster
Amazing - 28/12/2022

Kids love it, adults love it. The mission of the game may be a little short, but overall there is a lot of fun and enjoyment. Value for money

Azzi Sanders
Instant hit ! - 08/09/2022

The most cost-effective vr headset on the market. There are already some very playable games and earn crypto craze

Amorin Johnson
Best used for: - 07/09/2022

I know you need good broadband and a line to your computer to get the best AirLink experience. I'm using WiFi right now, but it's very fast. AirLink was fine overall, but my Oculus Rift S, which ran flawlessly on a PC, was a little stutty. If you're upgrading, don't do it. Unless you want to use it without a computer. If you want to use it without a PC, great, that's very good.

Great stuff - 07/09/2022

Fun, educational, exciting, physical, can't put down

Fun to use - 05/09/2022

I use it to play my PCVR games without a cable using airlink.... That's great!

My boy love hem - 05/09/2022

I bought it for Christmas. Pay in 3 installments with klarna. Super happy.

Love it.. i'm addicted oeps - 31/08/2022

Great. That's all I'm saying

Good - 28/08/2022

Wow, this is so fun. This is so fun

Amazing - 27/08/2022

Oculus/Meta quest 2 -- Facebook/Meta's current leading headset is being sold to the masses. Amazing headphones, cheap, work well on their own, work well on link and air link, but need good configuration, minimum i5 8th Gen /Ryzen 5 and GTX 1660 to get a smooth experience, facial interface gives in after a while, headphones are light and comfortable and look good.

Taylor Lea Pratt
Great product hours of fun - 27/08/2022

It's definitely worth it.

Fantastic bit of kit - 25/08/2022

This is for my son. He loved it. It's amazing. It just needs a Facebook account to set it up.

Darion Lott
This is the future - 24/08/2022

During the hard times of the pandemic, we bought VR headsets. Children like to play games. They prefer VR chat and free games to paid games. Battery life lasts a few hours, enough to keep them entertained and limit their time on the device. suggestion

Perfect All Rounder - AirLink needs work - 21/08/2022

To be honest, the Vr concept is still a work in progress! The battery capacity is not good.

Evelyn Arroyo
The best gaming console out there - 19/08/2022

I use this product to dismember NPCS and torture women in the game, it's like a glam xD

Joe Frieden
this is great ) - 16/08/2022

It's a really fun, immersive experience, and fun to play with family and friends. However, you can't use it for a long time because you get a headache.

Really great VR headset. Easy to use loads of fun. - 14/08/2022

I bought it for my son for Christmas and he loved it!

Great item - 14/08/2022

There's a lot of fun and surprising technology. Children under 10 are hesitant. We've spent a lot of money on the game, but we recommend it. It can be a bit nauseous - won't go on the rollercoaster first, go for it :-) but you do get used to it pretty quickly - both kids have severe motion sickness and it's fine.

Came fast and in good condition - 13/08/2022

Pretty good gear. The picture quality is very clear. Easy to set up and use. The best feature is room mapping, so you don't bump into things!

Decent kit - 11/08/2022

I'm happy to say it was perfect. Headphones are everything I could imagine! The setup is simple, the environment is beautiful, and there are so many things to do in VR. As a VR fan for years who has always wanted a headset but has never been able to afford one, this is perfect. The quality of the visuals was much better than I expected from a standalone headset, and it felt good to use The one minor drawback to headphones is the headphone strap, which doesn't quite fit my big head, and if I bow my head or turn around quickly, it snaps and almost falls off, so I recommend trying to get the elite strap, or buying a third party strap. All in all, a perfect starter headset, or a great upgrade.

Loving it - 09/08/2022

It took me a while to get used to the weight of the headset, but it's worth your new experience in the virtual reality world.

Shantel W
Low performance - 07/08/2022

I really like my Oculus, but you definitely need a better headband, and eventually maybe a better battery!

Very nice - 06/08/2022

The experience is great, some of the software is good, but made of cheap plastic. When replacing high quality controller batteries, the connection is not done properly, so no power goes into them. Headphones are not very comfortable to wear. Given that the game is extra, the higher-priced game should be better. Meta still has a lot of work to do.

Amazing - 06/08/2022

Update... I'd better cover my face, too. I suggest a vr mask..."

Robinson N.
Very good - 05/08/2022

For years, my wife had chrome and we couldn't travel, and now she has the world in her head, and if you let me know, she loves it

Happy child happy Christmas - 05/08/2022

Bought this for my son. I love it

Fantastic fun - 04/08/2022

Awesome VR headset. Easy to use, a lot of fun. No one's family loves it.

Awesome kit - 04/08/2022

It arrived quickly. It was for my son's birthday and he loved it

Nice bit of kit - 02/08/2022

Very good product

AMAZED - 02/08/2022

Nice item, a little cheap at the bottom. Battery life up to 2 hours. A little lag compared to my rift cv1.

An experience not to be missed - 31/07/2022

I bought it as a treat and was hooked. No need for a gaming PC, just a phone and a Facebook account!

Never know what's round the corner - 28/07/2022

It was fun. It was really good.

Millie mae
Amazing - 28/07/2022

This product is amazing. The whole family likes to use it. Value for money.

Great concept buoy poor build quality - 27/07/2022

It's much better than a psvr without wires

Fun, powerful for price but, buy an elite strap! - 25/07/2022

Grinning from ear to ear

Cortricia Bennett
Great VR to make you look at gameplay in a new light. - 25/07/2022

Playing games is fun

Elizabeth Moore
Need a bigger area lol - 24/07/2022

I bought it for my daughter for Christmas. She is 11 years old and loves the presents Santa Claus gives her. A good choice of browsing software. Unfortunately, a Facebook account is required to activate the device.

Joe Pizzurro
Everyone should have one. - 22/07/2022

I bought this as a surprise and thought I could play his favorite VR game with my significant other. He was really excited, but before we turned it on, he let me try his existing headphones a few times, just in case. As it turns out, this feature is really hard to use if you're wearing glasses! Just couldn't get his TV to sit comfortably and not blurry, and then I started getting headaches, so I had to return this because it was giving me headaches. Thankfully, we checked it before opening it, otherwise it would have been a costly mistake.

Wow - 21/07/2022


Absolutely amazing - 21/07/2022

It's not just the games, the vr videos are great, you can go to a lot of places, Beat the Sabres and horror games are our favorites so far

Shannon Harrison
Amazing - 21/07/2022

I bought it for my husband for Christmas and he loved it. Resist the urge to buy me another one because it's so good!

Lacking good games - 20/07/2022

I like to be a space cadet.... Virtual reality technology for space travel

great fun - 19/07/2022

The coolest thing

Soledad Sierra
She loves it. - 18/07/2022

This is the future of chea, but great, with an extra headband worth 50 from kiwi

Trails Hale
my son loved it - 16/07/2022

It's a great piece of equipment. Quality and everything. It has more than just an oculus store. This also applies to steamvr. Equipped with wireless and link cables not to mention the need for a base station. The oculus store is OK, but not the best, so the games are quite expensive because there aren't many specials, but for the price you get, it's head and shoulders above the competition. It's great if you use it as a standalone PC. When using it on a PC, remember to give yourself a cable long enough to support a 5gb transfer speed, as these can change your gaming style, and make sure your computer's specs depend more on your PC than the oculus itself when connecting it. Otherwise I won't be happier.

Wah Yu Htoo
Staying in circles - 15/07/2022

The headset and controller are both well done, and if you're new to VR, you'll see how amazing it is the first time you put it on.

Great variety of software - 14/07/2022

Not bad for such expensive equipment.

Christine Darden
Not suitable for glasses wearers - 13/07/2022

An incredible experience. It's been a long time since I've lost interest in video games, but this is something else. I use it every day for fun and exercise. Bear Saber, Eleven(table tennis) and Walkabout Mini Golf are all great. Games are not expensive. You can play games and chat at the same time. Unbelievable! !

michael miller
Great - 11/07/2022


Jessica Jarman
Absolutely Awesome! For the whole family. - 11/07/2022

Amazing equipment, all I can suggest is that you set your boundaries right, don't do what I did when I played Apollo Creed boxing game, I got a little smug, too close to the 65 inch TV, now it has a perfect fist print on it, except me and my family love it

Robert Shepack
Awesome piece of kit - 11/07/2022

This is my first time trying virtual reality. Wow! I've never experienced anything like it - enjoy playing some games: coming face to face with Darth Vader and escaping from a Velociraptor really gets the adrenaline going. The 360-degree video was so immersive and clear that I even scared my dad on the roller coaster. I really like that you don't have to connect the headphones, the headphones really include all the boxes and can play directly.

Mr. King
Strange new worlds are reachable - 10/07/2022

There weren't many games worth playing at first, 50 and 45 of them weren't even worth 99p, but they were hoping to get £30 for each game

Awsome - 08/07/2022

Signing up for a facebook account is pretty simple, and there's so much to see and do before you buy any games. It's very strong after a while, so we only use it for short periods of time

Byron Noble
Brilliant - 07/07/2022

For my 16-year-old granddaughter; She loved it.

Fantastic value - 07/07/2022

Reasonable price and careful delivery.

Sydney Dillon
A must have - 04/07/2022

It's great. We all love it. It's easy to install

peyton foti
Best thing I’ve ever bought - 03/07/2022

Great equipment, it's exciting for all my family and it's great to see our older members being young again.

Dee xx
Phenomanal piece of equipment!! - 03/07/2022

A better VR experience than the original Vive, and at a fraction of the cost. With the added benefit of wireless, no sensors are required.

Super super item! - 02/07/2022

It's interesting. It was a great experience. Thank you for the quick transportation.

Laura N.
Exceeded expectations. - 29/06/2022

It's a great product, I love Quest and I love the games I play, but unfortunately they are few and far between. There aren't enough good games in VR right now, and that's bad

ashley joseph
Easy to set up and very good - 27/06/2022

Kids get more than any other system I buy, including xbox Series x and ps5, very worth the money, the battery life is amazing, so I highly recommend looking at the power bank for a few more hours, I have two power banks, if shared by several kids, it simply won't last very long without one

Quite possibly my best purchase of 2021 - 27/06/2022

Ok, this is an amazing vet headset for the price, it's amazing, please don't waste your money on other similar valve index or other eye headphones, it's amazing money, if you want to buy a PSVR, don't do it, it's a lot older, worse, you need to face the camera you can't see,2 is portable eye exploration, better looking, wireless, it can It counts as its own console storage store for buying games, so you don't even need a PS4 or a computer, though you can plug it in to play computer games

Ginger Weston
It wasn't for me - 25/06/2022

Oculus Quest for my grandson. I've been told that this system is great and interesting. It's definitely worth it.

Hayley Hinkle
We love this .. its good fun for all the family - 24/06/2022

The boys are still here. Love it

VR goodness - 23/06/2022


Courtney Lastiyano
Oculus - 18/06/2022

That's great. The whole family loves it

Donna Garrison
Amazed and Satisfied - 17/06/2022

Trust me, the best VR experience

Brilliant quality at an affordable price. - 16/06/2022

Bought two for my kids (22 and 27) at Christmas, boys, I was a hit and they haven't put it down since, I went to the Anne Frank (bought separately) experience, it blew me away, I was almost in Germany during WWII, it was amazing

fast shipping - 16/06/2022

A good project. Both my sons like it.

Great product, not enough games for it - 15/06/2022

Beyond our expectations, the only negative thing I can say is that the field of view isn't very good, so it's like looking through binoculars, but the immersion you get from this headset is pretty amazing.

Kids love it - 14/06/2022

Amazing vr headsets are easy to set up and games are cheap to play. The only thing I will say is that the battery is bad

New New
Very good headset (READ IF YOUR PICKING A VR HEADSET) - 03/06/2022

At first I bought the PS5 because I was angry, but now I really don't think I'm going to bother. I'm thinking about getting a PC because it's incredible. SONY made a big mistake by not launching the console sooner because Oculus was taking over the future of gaming. 2D games are coming to an end, and VR games are doing the impossible. I feel like I'm in the movie Ready Player One. Why am I playing CoD on Photoshop? True story: I ran out of bullets and couldn't reload quickly, so I threw the gun at the enemy. I'm dead, but it's still funny. It's the most fun I've ever had playing a game.

Joseph A. Martinez
Great fun (apparently)!! - 29/05/2022

It could be my age, it could be my eyes, but I just couldn't go on. First of all, I don't want to play games on it, I want to watch movies on it. I wish I could immerse myself in a great sci-fi movie like Dune and watch it on the big screen. The reality is far less immersive. It's just a little blurry screen with so much wasted space still around it. If I wanted to see the rows of chairs in front of me and beside me, I would have gone to the cinema. I just want a big, clear screen, nothing else. Even if you turn off all the distractions and the screen doesn't fill your field of vision, it still only fills the center, not much bigger than sitting in your living room watching a 50-inch TV up close. In terms of quality, it's much worse. It doesn't have the picture quality of a TV screen or computer monitor, and after wearing it for about 10 minutes, I felt nauseous. I did try games, and I could get the gist of casual games, but even then I felt uncomfortable and the picture was not as good as the built-in screen or external monitor on a gaming laptop. So they're not for me. At least I tried.

Great - 28/05/2022

Our family loved it, it came quickly, it had games for every age and it was easy to do even for our youngest children. The whole family is very happy. My father tried it and brought himself another the next day

so much fun - 28/05/2022

Suitable for all ages!

Natali Castro
Exposes you to new perspective and experiences - 26/05/2022

It's for my daughter, and I don't care! When she set it up, it was like a world, something we'd never seen before. We all had endless fun with these headphones

Brilliant Christmas gift - 22/05/2022

My disabled teenage daughter loves being able to experience things she will never be able to do in life. My wife and I thought it was funny!

Xcellent - 20/05/2022

Seriously, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Totally immersive, blown away by the reality and the quality. I just kept saying over and over again wow! Downloaded some great games. Love love it!!

Amazing...... - 18/05/2022

This is the greatest technological leap I've ever seen. If you've never experienced true virtual reality, it's truly amazing. It's a must

Jeasam Cabrera
Oculus - 2 in the family now - 18/05/2022

That's what my teenage son was talking about, all Christmas. What a nice Christmas present

Verona Joseph
Phenomenal - 18/05/2022

My son loves it. The only downside is that it's uncomfortable. The advantage of this is that he has to take a break.

So much fun. - 17/05/2022

This is the second mission I bought. One for me and one for my son. Now we can play multiplayer games. It's hard to explain how good virtual reality is if you don't try it. Take the game to the next level. Now Task 2 has more storage for the same price

OCULUS 2 - 16/05/2022

There is no doubt that this product is the best on the market so far, and we won't recommend it to others

Amazing Fun - 12/05/2022

Amazing product. Happy child

David Rodriguez
Kids absolutely love it. - 11/05/2022

I'm skeptical of what Facebook has designed, but I have to admit that the build quality is excellent. Download the Oculus app and installation is simple. It's easy to buy games through the app, and you can install them through the app, but you can only delete them through the headset. That said, it's the only downside so far. The gameplay is easy to pick up and the display quality is great.

Excellent bit of kit - 06/05/2022

Compared to what's on the market today, especially given the reasonable price, I think it's a great product. I would definitely buy it again in the near future (but at the end of 2022, I will re-evaluate the options in the market). The possibilities for applications are not as limited as I expected. This could also be the tipping point for VR headsets to reach mass adoption. I'm not a fan of meta, especially not using my FB account, but despite that, I love the headset.

My daughter said: “Not at all!” - 06/05/2022

Not at all

Stephanie Zeno
5 starts not high enough ! - 04/05/2022

This is an updated version of the original VR system. No boxes or wires are needed. Just install an app on your phone and connect it to the Internet.

Gustavo Sanchez
Unbelievable - 03/05/2022

Not sure about virtual reality, but I was wrong. Oculus Quest 2 is great, it takes you out of pandemic into space or dinosaurs and so on. I would recommend it to anyone

T. Coble
What a Christmas present - 30/04/2022

Now both kids can play the second oculus at home, it's absolutely great, the games are getting better and better, it's not too expensive and it's fun for the whole family

Occulus Quest 2 - 29/04/2022

It's an amazing piece of equipment

Russell Cox
Just amazing - 29/04/2022

I didn't have many expectations for this mission, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the image quality was. Much better than the Psvr I had in every way. Thanks. Compared to the Psvr, I'm less carsick. You need some upgrades, like a better tape, because my elasticity is bad. I opted for the elite battery strap with a case and have no regrets. The family is very happy. Soon, Facebook will be able to unconnect with oculus, so the only bad thing won't last long. Buy it, because you won't regret it.

Daniel H.
Absolutely outstanding in every way - 26/04/2022

My son (11) and I went to a VR shop in London and loved it. I hadn't really thought about buying my own home until my cousin told me how much she and her son (12) loved it. We spent 24 hours on Oculus 2, and we were both blown away. Like all games, they are different, but the experience is extraordinary, and I wonder if a simple screen will still suffice. I could see that we would spend a fortune over time, but it was very enjoyable!

Adam G.
AMAZING - 22/04/2022

It was a last minute Christmas present for my son, he didn't know what he wanted this year and I was so happy to get it for him. It brings us endless fun. There are plenty of games and experiences to choose from and download. It's easy to set up and use. I highly recommend

D. Philhower
Simply Amazing - 21/04/2022

This is the best gift we've bought for the kids in a while, but the grown-ups think it's too much of an experience, lol

Great - 19/04/2022

Pros: High resolution and amazing color, responsive controller, great battery life, great possibilities for PC connectivity, Airlink feature worked brilliantly on my system. Cons: Requires Facebook account and most things apps, etc., you have to pay... This is the main reason for 4 stars. However, it is worth it and you can gain experience from it.

Miguel Paredes
A new Reality - 18/04/2022

Wi-Fi signals are constantly being lost

Helen bragg
Comes nicely packaged - 18/04/2022

Frankly, it was hype, and the price made me reluctant, but as a father, I was proved wrong. Once.

One word wow - 07/04/2022

The installation of the product seems to be quite difficult. Check that your computer specifications are compatible as my daughter's computer is less than a year old but there are still problems with this product.

Doniyorbek Turgunov
Best VR experience in my Opinion. - 02/04/2022

I've always wanted to buy a decent VR system to go with my flight simulator, and after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to buy this one. The device itself is amazing, well made and packaged. However, as it began to be used, it began to show its cracks. advantage Great graphics cheap Very nice well-made shortcomings The first is comfort. I wouldn't say this device is the most comfortable, it seems to use your face as friction, hold it in the right place above your eyes, and after a while it will start to hurt your skin The software is terrible. When you buy something on the oculus website, you use it. It gives you an error, but doesn't tell you how to fix it. You spend a lot of time on forums looking for problems, you need to know so much about technology that you almost feel like you need a degree in computing. Games - Not all games are compatible, even if this is the latest device. You bought the game, but it doesn't appear in your VR history I love the device, but in the process of downloading this, downloading that, and tapping this, I just want to have a device that I can plug and play. No trouble

Anthony Kissoon
Great tech, little software and arbitrary oversight. - 01/04/2022

I was surprised it worked so well. It's better than I thought. No matter what kind of VR you use or watch, it's very convincing. Using some headphones I've used, you can see the pixels quite clearly, but the Quest 2 is crisp and crisp. There is absolutely no significant delay in use and prevents motion sickness problems that many people have. Room size tracking works very well, allowing you to move around in VR in a real room without the need for an external device. Headphones can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, and stock headbands can be painful to use. The controller is responsive and smooth. They have to have touch sensors on the buttons, because the fake finger you see in the game tracks where your finger is on the controller. I haven't found a game that my kids can play. The height in many games seems impossible to adjust. 5/5 comes from me. I like it very much. My mother, who is in her 60s, loves it.

Excellent - 31/03/2022

Definitely great gear. The pictures are great, the games are great, all sorts of things can be done on it and should keep anyone entertained for hours. I never found anything wrong with Facebook because I already had a very simple account. If you're thinking about it, get one.

Amazing value - 30/03/2022

The son likes it very much.

Chet sanders
Great VR headset with stunning resolution. - 28/03/2022


Not suitable - 26/03/2022

You don't install a lot of apps, you have to pay for great games, but there are a lot of deals. Make sure you have room for crazier games. enjoy

For the kids - 25/03/2022

Haven't used it yet because it's a Christmas present for my son, but I know he'll love it.

Really awkward to get oculus to fit in,not great! - 24/03/2022

Don't you have anything better to say

poor to use with glasses - 21/03/2022

In my years of using VR, from Vive to Index to Quest 2... I must say, I haven't owned a more valuable VR device.

David R NM
If your connecting to the product with your PC check the spec - 21/03/2022

Oh, my God, we got PlayStation vr and we thought it was great. Many wires hardly use it This is some other word wow amazing love it my son will be so happy for Christmas we might buy another one it's so good!!!! Miracle product

Roberto C.

More reliable than valve index (in my opinion) It's cheaper than most products on the market. It's good to be a standalone console, and even better to use a connecting cable.

The Quest 2 is a powerful piece of tech in such a small form - 20/03/2022

The hardware works perfectly, the ease of use is high, and most things are intuitive. The problem is that there are only a few things that really matter in terms of games, and the rumor is that valve is ditching VR in favor of steam links, which would wipe out a lot of potentially great games.

Isabel Ortega
Beyond expectations - 18/03/2022

It was a Christmas present that met everyone's expectations. Well done

It does what it's supposed to - 11/03/2022

I have an HTC Vive Pro(around £1,200) and I can honestly say Mission 2 is Vive!! It's even better in some features. Even better, you don't even need a computer to play! (Although you can use a cable, yes, that means you can also play your steam VR games without having to repurchase them) This quest is the new benchmark for affordable virtual reality. Stop reading it and buy it.