Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Forza Horizon 5, 1 Xbox Wireless Controller - Black, w/Silicone Controller Cover Skin + HDMI CABLE


Boost your adventure with the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition, fully loaded with add-ons including the Hot Wheels expansion, Welcome Pack, VIP Membership, Car Pass, and second expansion when it becomes available—all on the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever.Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving open world landscapes of Mexico in the world’s greatest cars with 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power, DirectX ray tracing, a custom SSD, and 4K gaming.Kickstart your ultimate adventure with Xbox Series X and the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition.Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition will be delivered directly to your console during set-up; no codes required. All included digital content will be attached to the first Microsoft Account that redeems it.The Forza Horizon 5 VIP Membership features 3 exclusive Forza Edition cars, Crown Flair, Vanity Items, Emote and Car Horn, Player House, Double Credit race rewards, weekly bonus Super Wheelspins, and more to give your game a boost and make you stand out at the Horizon Festival.The Forza Horizon 5 Welcome Pack includes 5 special pre-tuned cars, a Player House, a one-time grant to own any car from the game’s Autoshow, and 3 one-time grants for any Common or Rare clothing item.

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Brand: Microsoft

Controllers Included: 1

Memory: 16GB GDDR6 w/320 bit-wide bus

Internal storage: 1TB Custom NVME SSD

Gaming resolution: True 4K

CPU: 8X Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU

GPU: 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU

High Dynamic Range: Up to 8K HDR

Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray

Performance target: Up to 120 FPS

Dimensions: 5.94 x 5.94 x 11.85ines

Weight: 9.8 lbs

What's in the box:

Xbox Series X console
Xbox Wireless Controller - Carbon Black
Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition
Add-ons: Hot Wheels expansion, Welcome Pack, VIP Membership, Car Pass, and a second expansion when available
Power cord
Ultra High Speed HDMI cable

review for Black Blazer
beautiful machine - 09/02/2023

It was a beautiful console celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise, but many fans missed out on the chance to buy them at retail price because the machines were snatched up by scalpers who resold them for double the price. Microsoft should reissue these consoles and make them available to buyers by invitation only.

Tami G.
Masterclass in Design and feel - great for any Halo Fan - 07/02/2023

You won't be disappointed. I had a good time and it looked cool.

R. Johnson
Superb product loved it - 05/02/2023

Great looking console table - Kids love it!

Happy 20 Years Xbox and Halo - 04/02/2023

It looks great and the kids love it

AMAZING SERVICE! - 02/02/2023

I haven't opened this yet. I'm gonna seal it up!

Chris Robinson
ook! - 02/02/2023

Ok, OK

Blake Leon Panuco
Friendly driver - 02/02/2023

Great console, beautiful packaging. I think I saw it in a smoking video

Why does Microsoft not produce enough consoles to account for human buyers? - 02/02/2023

This console is the sexiest xbox series console and the performance is amazing for playing games in 4k up to 144fps!!

Boris Botton
Whole box damaged - 02/02/2023

It's just a regular xbox Series x, but with nice paint and a special controller. I can't believe I'm happy to pay full price, but welcome to Brandon's America.

Rusty Edwards
Another excellent collectors xbox series x console - 02/02/2023

Great console design, great graphics, gaming passes are a great deal, must buy rechargeable batteries, hope they are like SONY and have them built into the controller. Overall, I can't say it's any better than the ps5, or the ps5 is any better than the x series, both consoles are great

Micosoft Should Re-Issue This Console - 02/02/2023


Erin N
So much fun - 02/02/2023

I'll keep this review short and to the point. Incredible console, especially from a design perspective. This is a replacement/update for my Xbox One X Halo 5 console. The most striking thing about the console is how amazing it looks when opened. Microsoft has been hitting the nail on the head with this type of stuff. This will be my 4th or 5th limited/special edition console (from OG xbox all the way up to Series X) and Microsoft has blown my mind every time with their attention to detail. The controller feels great in the hand, with large, solid rubber handles around the controller handle. When you first start the console, it will ask you to sign in with your Gamertag/Xbox account. Once logged into your account, it will ask you if you want to redeem your Halo Unlimited pre-order. I clicked on Redeem and it showed that the content (multiplayer and sports) were all owned in the Microsoft Store, very simple and sweet. When I got the console, I only played it 2 or 3 times (Halo Infinite Multiplayer), all the games were over 8 hours long, and you didn't even know the console was turned on. How Microsoft was able to make such a powerful console in such silence is mind-boggling. The only downside is that I really wish there was a physical copy of this game. Yes, I know the game will be released after the console launches, but I think in this case it would be wise to release the game at the same time as the console launches, or allow players to choose to release the game after the console launches. Overall, it's well worth buying. I'm sad/disappointed to see so many people can't get their hands on the console, just hang in there and hope that when the hype ends, you get a shot too.

Kids love it! Looks great too. - 02/02/2023

Excellent product, smooth gameplay and awesome look with halo design

amazing - 28/01/2023

This console is hard to find for someone who plays games on a PC, and I never planned to own the Xbox Series X, but when Halo Unlimited was announced, as a devoted Halo fan, I had to. The design of the controller and console is beautiful and wish there were more in stock for people to buy.

love the halo console - 26/01/2023

Great products launch very quickly! Thank you very much!

Ray Camellon
nice - 25/01/2023

Love this console!! It looks amazing and I'm so glad I got this limited edition.

Much wowza this thing is bananers - 21/01/2023

Love the product and the packaging

AWESOMEEE - 21/01/2023

It would be great if Microsoft could make enough products for people to buy without losing the entire inventory to scalp-bots because people blink at the checkout.

Damaged - 21/01/2023

The mg Xbox box is damaged. wacker

Neda Henery
Only scalpers to rely on… - 21/01/2023

In addition to building what you expect from Microsoft and in the process of Halo Unlimited, as well as doing well with Microsoft, but you should come up with more color options and special collector editions for collectors like me

Come as advertised - 19/01/2023

Great design, amazing work

Overall great - 19/01/2023

The product is good, but you can't be sure because there is no invoice

David O
Expected works perfectly - 18/01/2023

The packing is good and the product is satisfactory

Unique, Different, Cool, and Happy - 18/01/2023

Great work.

Great purchase, Big spend though - 12/01/2023

Great console, as we'd expect, and I like the look of the Infinity Console. Worth the wait Yes, worth the money?

Pilar Hood
Awesome designed console - 12/01/2023

Everything is as advertised and the accessories are of high quality. No damage to the Xbox, some dents in the box, but only the jacket. Xbox is perfect

The product is fantastic - 12/01/2023

I love the new xbox x series, and I'd like to recommend it

Reynaldo Perez
Awesome - 06/01/2023

Good product!

Works - 06/01/2023

I like the unique case, not the standard case. I played the first level and found the game booted up much faster than on the Xbox One.

Linda Thibodeau
Love the console not the price - 04/01/2023

Halo Infinity for the Xbox Series X is truly a beautiful version of an already amazing console. My only gripe is the pricing, but given that it's a limited edition, a high price is to be expected.

Joy Wohlgemuth
Not sure it's worth the upgrade. - 04/01/2023

The customer service wouldn't let me return the goods because I was out of the country and missed the return window.

It gets hot. - 04/01/2023

We had an old Xbox, waiting for the X Series to come out, supply chain issues, delays, and after two years, I finally got a space and ordered it immediately. Faster, smoother, better graphics, less latency. College students like it. My daughter has S Series, if you can't wait or can't find X, that's great too, but if you do, get X Series!!

very happy with my purchase - 26/12/2022

The system came brand new sealed in a box and has worked perfectly so far. This is the only seller who can come to me that day. Thank you!

Jerquindal Kelly
awesome performance compared to my Xbox One X - 26/12/2022

The Xbox Series X is a good follow-up to the Xbox One X and addresses my biggest complaint - slow loading. The new console uses solid state storage, which makes a big difference in load times. I also appreciate HDMI 2.1, which allows playback at a 120hz refresh rate on TVS that support it.

Fun filled entertainment - 22/12/2022

I'm not going to write a lengthy review of this product. All you really need to know is that I have S and X, and X is significantly better in every way except conservation of space. S stutters on GUI, wobbles if you have games in quick resume, and it's really bad at rendering high-end games... Not to mention it can't play 4k. There is nothing wrong with the X and it functions flawlessly because it is black and looks better in your room. In my experience, it doesn't even generate that much heat, but you do need to make sure it has enough clearance and ventilation.

Carolyn Valentine
I would order from this seller - 22/12/2022

I love everything about this console; It's 4k and has a lot of other features.

Steve T
Awesome! - 22/12/2022

Amazing graphics, day and night from Xbox X to Xbox Series X,

Amazing graphics - 15/12/2022

I always wait a few years for a new console to fix bugs and issues. When I was selected for the lottery, I decided to jump and was glad I did. From Xbox one x to Xbox x, clarity, depth and sharpness are night and day. Seeing an IMax movie is a new experience. Since my first year, I've had all three major games from Xbox to playstation and Nintendo. This thing is going to win MEDALS hands down.

Keith Rowe
No complaints at all! - 15/12/2022

I like it very much. Be there on time. The perfect job.

Must have - 15/12/2022

I love this console, I love the 120hz and 1440p gaming experience. You'll need HDMI 2.1 cables and TVS to work, and although the overall build quality is amazing, SSDS are very fast in this consul and highly recommended for new xbox buyers

Xbox continues to crash - 11/12/2022

It's basically an Xbox, with a slightly clunky look and slightly better graphics. It would be great if you didn't already own an Xbone, but for now, the technology isn't reaching its limits. My biggest problem isn't the hardware itself, but the fact that the selection of Game Pass games is so poor compared to Playstation alternatives. All in all, as someone who upgraded a few months ago, I don't see any real incentive to upgrade other than bragging rights.

Took 2 years to order, but finally got one. College son loves it (notices the difference) - 11/12/2022

I love the xbox Series x, it has a lot of games and endless features. But the machine gets hot easily. All I can think of is the negative.

Darcy Spies
It's working perfectly and was Brand new - 11/12/2022

So I like my xbox one, it's a very upgraded xbox one, features include overall faster disk drive for game installation, full backward compatibility with every game in my game library xbox 360, xbox one and Series x/s, and even xbox one and Series x controllers, Makes finding the controller easier.

Johnathan W.
Great upgrade - 11/12/2022

I bought this to play Forza Motorsport 5 and other racing games. It performed much better than my Xbox One x.

It really is better than the S - 10/12/2022

I love my new Xbox. There's a lot of entertainment in it

Michael Grant
Awesome console - 07/12/2022

It arrived before the date and was in good condition Overall customer satisfaction

Joey Thao
Amazing graphics - 07/12/2022

The only thing better is a high-end PC.

Robert Long
Console gaming at a whole new level! - 03/12/2022

I'm so glad I ordered it on Friday morning and got it on Saturday afternoon! It's grind time!!

Came on time. Works perfectly. Love it. - 03/12/2022

Absolutely love everything about it. It's been a while since I've played a console game (the N64 was the last console I had before moving to PC). It takes time to get used to, but I love everything about it so far! Best Buy of the year!

Bedelia Abbott
Amazing - 03/12/2022

The graphics are incredible, the running is incredibly smooth, the best Microsoft console since the 360

Alex Wilde
Xbox didn't work but GREAT customer service so far - 01/12/2022

The best gaming experience.

Kelly H.
Finally got one. - 26/11/2022

Making the leap to the next level of performance was better than most for me, as my last xbox before this was the original stock xbox one(2013) model halo version. So when I bought the X Series, I couldn't believe it took me less than 5 seconds to load a new save or screen in my favorite game (Skyrim); It took a few minutes before. The description "The console that swallows a Lamborghini" fits this robotic beast perfectly.

eduardo sicilia
Best console I've ever owned - 15/11/2022

When you die, you don't have to wait forever for the game to reload, like 3 seconds. Loading is fast.

Trevor Van Dahm
Hobby lost - 10/11/2022

My favorite console. It works beautifully.

Xbox series X - 10/11/2022

It takes about three weeks from invitation request to delivery.

Father Crisp
It's amazing. I'm so glad I bought it now before they raise the price again. - 06/11/2022

On the first day, we started having connectivity problems, unable to connect to the 5g network. Tested other xb1 and xb1 x and they never had, and will not continue to have, this problem. The X-series would pull me out of the game every 10 minutes to half an hour. It loads very slowly and trying to view the game in the store is impossible

Katie Reside
Amazing Console - The Best Xbox Yet! - 06/11/2022

Just like the title says.

Curly Gal
Runs hot - 06/11/2022

The quality of this machine is first class. The pictures and performances live up to expectations. My only complaint was the odd size of the unit, which I ended up having to put on the floor because it didn't fit in the entertainment center.

I finally found one! - 02/11/2022

This is what I've been waiting for. Glad to have my xbox Search x without any extra preferential prices.

kurt johnstone
WORTH EVERY PENNY - 23/10/2022

As I expected, the system is great.

mickey fleming
Excellent product. - 23/10/2022

When I get a refund for a return, I change it to 5 stars. The customer service has been excellent so far. Luckily I'm not in a hurry for an xbox. It turned on, so I guess that's how they tested it. However, the HDMI port is broken, so it won't connect to the TV.

Makes playing Skyrim feel like it's a new experience. - 20/10/2022

Love it! Having played Warzone on my xbox one for over 2 years, it takes too long to render for the skins and disguises to load before the game. All of that went away with the x series, happily.

Jonathan G.
Makes the reload times beareable - 18/10/2022

To me, everything about this console is 10/10. Storage, picture quality, features are all great.

Ashley G.
Ridiculous buying experience, because of my wife - 13/10/2022

I bought it because I got an invitation. Knowing that these things are hard to get, I have to buy them. My wife complained a lot, so I sold it to the company game girl. I've been told that this is what it means to be a responsible adult. Grown men's hobbies are fixing up the house or burning limbs in the backyard, not video games. That's what my wife told me.

Arrived August 14th - 10/10/2022

The system is huge, like a computer tower. It has a very good operating system. I bought the CD version and can play old Xbox and 360 games. Very happy

Noreen Scully
Not any better than a regular xbox 1 - 22/07/2022

It's great, much faster than the xbox one. The Avengers takes ten minutes to assemble. Now it takes 20 seconds at most

Richard Walpole
Love my Xbox - 15/07/2022

I've been playing Xbox since the OG model was released in 2001, and to say it changed my gaming life is an understatement. Simply put, the latest version of Xbox is the best yet.

Jimmy S
Works as advertised - 08/07/2022

It's a good idea to have a cooling system.

Ashley Dahl
So happy - 07/07/2022

It works and plays like a dream.

Brandon knezevich
Awesome - 04/07/2022

As a PC builder and PC master competition preacher, this is a great device! You can't make such a good PC for the same price! The PS5 and Xbox Series X are both good choices. I just went the Xbox route because of my preference for controllers and being a Halo fan. Also, don't forget that the Xbox has an extra 2 teraflops of GPU power and more SSD memory. I bought this item in 2022 after MSRP price/supply eased.

Excellent - 04/07/2022

Love the console. Amazing graphics and blazing speed.

It’s legit! This thing runs like a dream too. - 30/06/2022

I really like my new Xbox. It's super fast, has a lot of features, and the graphics are great. I can't recommend this system enough.

Just ok - 26/06/2022

It was worth the payment I spent.

Nightmacer x
They deliver what they advertise. - 21/06/2022

The idea of this game system is much better. It has amazing graphics and game load times. I would definitely recommend this game system to anyone!!

J Pine
Box was damaged - 21/06/2022

Box was damaged, I will return it.

Awesome... - 14/06/2022

I own every Xbox ever made (multiple)(I'm 69 years old) and always have to re-download all my games (after the CD). I've found that it's now possible to copy an old game to a new one over a home network. Just plug both into the same router, boot both, go to Settings, then System, Backup and Transfer, then Network Transfer, allow network transfer, select your old Xbox and you will get a list of games, select Copy to your new Xbox. A piece of cake! It's certainly better than downloading, especially if, like me, you have a bandwidth cap. As for the Xbox X, it's several notches above the Xbox One. The speed is much faster and the graphics are excellent. And, of course, I have a 4k TV that allows the Xbox X to display amazing images.

Eric Paulsen
I love my Xbox x - 13/06/2022

I play a lot of my friends' xbox series, and I also play PS5 games. After playing both games, I think I really like the Game Pass and XBOX's universal operating system. I decided to pay for the X Series because its console features live up to its reputation. My only complaint is that my controller has very sticky buttons.

Michelle Smith, MPH
Exactly what I asked for! - 10/06/2022

I'm so excited to finally have a baby! It's amazing, especially since I haven't played on any other system in the past year.

Amazing. - 09/06/2022

It's huge, but it's amazing what it can do

No complaints - 09/06/2022

What can I say? It's the XboX x series, and it comes in its original box with everything sealed inside. Enough said, right?

Good shopping experience, I commend. - 08/06/2022


Mr. Bucket
Just an incredible piece of technology - 05/06/2022

Honestly, when I ordered this, I expected to receive a box of breaks or something. But no, this is the real Xbox Series X! It also works very well. If you can get on this damn list, I highly recommend it.

Jody East
Awesome deal - 29/05/2022

The controller is a joke, the layout is good, but the reaction is laughable, having to jam the button just to get it to react, unfortunately, this is not good enough anywhere in online gaming.

daniel forrester
Better than I expected!! - 22/05/2022

There's nothing more to say. This is the Xbox x series, and they did what the AD said. It works, functions and behaves as it should. It is also significantly below resale market value. Highly recommend!

Arrived just in time - 21/05/2022

The boxes in which the products came were damaged, but otherwise they were in good condition

Cheryl Abram, author of Firing God
Network Transfer! Who would have thunk? - 11/05/2022

At 60, it's time to show those kids who's boss.

Scott Marshall
Sticky buttons - 08/05/2022

I'm super happy with my Xbox x

James Walsh
Finally!! - 03/05/2022

It was brand new and everything I had hoped for! Thank you!

Angela T. Holder
BEST XBOX EVER - 03/05/2022

An incredible gaming console with only virtual reality options can improve this gaming experience.

William Tyrel Bremkamp
Genuine xbox series x - 30/04/2022

The corner of the box is a little damaged, but the system works fine. No complaints.

Steve Brown
Nice, - 29/04/2022

Xbox Series-X is a good system, but it's not exciting yet.

Donna Pate
Niiiice.. Brand New - 29/04/2022

Always like the Xbox, this is a bit heavy on the side, so be careful how you install the shelf. All in all, everything is fine. Sadly, it no longer has a straight-through HDMI port. But it's still great.

Jessica Clark
Great but not new - 26/04/2022

Die-hard Nintendo /ps fans... But Microsoft has worked some dark magic here. 100% gamepass is worth it

Marcela Miami
started having overheating issues and would shut down not worth the price - 22/04/2022

I was skeptical when I ordered this... After all the production problems, shortages and price gouging, I thought it might be a scam. Absolutely not! I was probably on the list for a week, you know? Then they told me to click on.... Soon after, I had a brand new Xbox. This is the new box, so far working flawlessly, couldn't be happier!

Andrew J Neely
Xbox would not turn on out of box - 21/04/2022

If you were in the xbox ecosystem, would you definitely recommend this game

Lord Acavier
Great - 19/04/2022

Glad to finally have a new Xbox, I love it so far!

Matthew Gomez
Boyfriend is obsessed - 18/04/2022

I grew up an Xbox gamer so when it first came out I wanted it but was worried about scalpers so when I saw it at a normal price I felt the same way but I chose to trust the seller and God that it was the real deal, act like it was supposed to, it was fresh and I'm glad I bought it, thankful it wasn't a scalper

Worth it - 18/04/2022

Great console. It was worth the wait to get it at retail price.

Delivered much faster than estimated - 17/04/2022

I've been playing on the old Xbox one for seven years, and when I started playing the new console, I noticed some big differences. The images are better, and the ray-tracing process makes everything shinier. The load screen is almost non-existent, and my games take a long time to load onto my old console, but with this, it takes at least three seconds. A terabyte of storage means they have plenty of room for most of your games. If you're a hardcore gamer, I highly recommend this new video game console.

Fred Gutierrez
Love it! - 08/04/2022

I'm really glad it came in fairly quickly and in really good condition! Work perfectly well as I hope to get another friend eventually

Mary Ann Kobus
Not worth it right now... - 07/04/2022

Great work

Amazing - 02/04/2022

This was 3 days after I received the email and ordered it. Everything is perfect.

Yep - 01/04/2022

Got an invitation and got this "new" xbox Series x, but in fact the xbox Series x was used and the box was damaged. I felt cheated.

Beautiful! - 31/03/2022

Poor quality, high price

Love my xbox - 30/03/2022

The new Xbox Series x can't be opened straight out of the box. I contacted Microsoft, but couldn't help me. Very bad purchase

Forrest Lasiter
Very happy - 28/03/2022

Received items in good condition, only the controller is battery operated and does not charge, so need to get a charger to charge the battery

I was skeptical but it’s awesome - 26/03/2022

Boyfriend love.

Kindle Customer
Great. - 25/03/2022

Instant load time and overall quality of life experience when playing both old and new games

An absolute beast of a gaming console! - 24/03/2022

I expected my package to arrive on Monday 22nd August, but it arrived on Thursday 18th. I like timely shipping and delivery. As described. I loved it and can't wait to do business with them again

Honestly - 21/03/2022

I've been waiting a long time for this. It works great and the graphics are amazing! I just like my playtime.

Game ON! - 21/03/2022

The title says it all. Make sure your TV is 120 frames to get the most out of the picture. If not, the S-Series with expandable storage may be a more cost-effective solution.

Got for regular price - 20/03/2022

Like its graphics and ease of use.

Laura Bailey
Got one - 20/03/2022

Oh. Mine. Oh my God! This Xbox is faster than I expected, as the SSD is faster than my Xbox One x, so I'm more inclined to play PC games. My favorite thing so far is that I can host my husband from his computer to my games on my new Xbox Series X, and he can experience the same load times as me. The first game I opened was Minecraft Dungeons with my kids, and my loading time went from about a minute at a time to six TOPS. I was excited when I saw that 4K Ultra HD was recommended as the display setting on my TV, and I was amazed by the quality of the picture. The controller is comfortable and noticeably more responsive than my Xbox One custom controller, and my One is easily paired with the Xbox X, so I can hunker down on the couch with my family instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new controller. If you like a seamless gaming experience, it's definitely worth it. I used to launch a game and go make a cup of coffee, now I launch a game and start playing it almost immediately. I'm excited to try out all my games on this platform!

Allen Carlisle
So good - 18/03/2022

I now own both the X Series and the PS5, so I just wanted to say a few words about the X Series. It's very well built, with a silent fan that conducts heat from the main engine through the top, making it efficient. What I like is that it's not as big as a PS5. The controller feels great. The software design is really good and the system runs fast! Smart delivery ensures that you automatically get the best version of the game, and the Gamepass is great. What I don't like is that it feels like the Xbox One X is on steroids. The UI is basically the same, so it doesn't have a whole new console experience. All the games went very well. If I could only choose one console, I would choose the X Series over the PS5. The PS5 is huge and really ugly. It performs just as well as the x series, and better in some of the games I've noticed. The PS5's new controller is really great, and the new UI makes it feel like a new console. Both systems are great and well worth buying. My advice is don't become a fan of whatever console you find, you'll be happy :P or you can buy two like I did, if you're lucky enough

Tris Gerena
Very satisfied - 11/03/2022

Like upgrading

Marilyn Murphy
Box arrived damaged - 09/03/2022

Nunca me habia comprado una Xbox pero esta Xbox series x es muy buena, todo rapido, la compatibilidad muy buena y no hace nada de sonido ni se calienta.. Estrena 5/5

I love this thing - 06/03/2022

I bought my book when it was first published. I don't have any problems with it. FPS Boost is also a really cool feature, as it can increase the FPS from 30 to 60 FPS for some games.

Ken G.
Got the invitation faster than the PS5 - 01/03/2022

My biggest concern with this product is whether it's legal. As I waited for the delivery, I breathed a sigh of relief. It's an amazing purchase for a fair price!

Jason Scott
Everything I expected! - 28/02/2022

I'm glad to have a clear view of my Xbox on my porch from the street! When I received the first Xbox from Microsoft, I didn't even know what it was until I opened the plain box it was in. So it was a nice surprise coming home. If you already have one, you'll know how great it is to play all your old games on this new system. Microsoft is definitely bringing all the new features to the PS5. Not to mention I think they have more games that take advantage of graphics.

the day has arrived! - 27/02/2022

I've never used a PS5, so I'm not sure if it compares, but I love the Xbox x series, from the look to the performance. It works well and has great graphics. The best way to spend money.

Hylian Jimmy
Best Xbox Ever !! - 23/02/2022

Late to join the gaming club, but whatever!! It's in.

As with all other Xboxes, plays as was designed to do. - 21/02/2022

Yeah, brand new

It Really is as Fast as It Claims! - 21/02/2022

Thanks for creating this invitation process to purchase high demand items. I like my new system very much

Great Console! - 18/02/2022

It suits my gameplay very well

Brian Hartley
Nice - 15/02/2022

I've wanted this for a long time and I finally got it :)

Jenn M
The first Xbox I bought, it was great - 14/02/2022

I'm glad I finally got the x Series. But the boxes were smashed and there were shipping stickers everywhere. I like to keep my suitcase somewhere to move or store. It worked fine, just not satisfied with the state the box arrived in.

Soaring Spoon
Amazing! - 14/02/2022

I have this. I play games on it. I have game passes. It's been playing for hours. I would advise anyone who wants one to pick one up. This is not an AD for this and that. Buy whatever makes you happy. Personally, I got XBX and I totally love all the games, graphics, new games.

Worth It! - 14/02/2022

I'm just glad I was able to buy by invitation.

Backwards compatable! - 13/02/2022

My husband loved the gift and said it was a big improvement over his last Xbox! Decent price from this seller and fast shipping.

Smooth - 11/02/2022

I had been waiting for an XBox for a while and finally decided to give it to my son. We all enjoyed it!

Daniel T.
Finally after 2 years - 07/02/2022

Bought this for my son's Christmas and only used it a few times before it broke.

Incredible - 04/02/2022

Very cool gaming device! We love it! AAA + + +

A. Conklin
Excellent product quick delivery! - 03/02/2022

I bought a refurbished version of this project, except for a small but quickly fixed wire problem, I love this thing, I even use it to play non-VR games,... It came in handy on the days my daughter took over my TV... This is my best advice. Some awesome come for it is firewall zero hours, far point, and a great workout for VR boxing,... Skip the VR version of the Batman game and save yourself disappointment. Big Talismo is sweet too

Melissa Silerio- vanDoorn
Good - 03/02/2022

We bought it for our son for Christmas and he has been playing with it. His dad happens to love to play, too.

Christopher Cardarelii
Great entry point for Playstation owners - 03/02/2022

We bought this second hand and it worked well, but the seller was also very good to work with. Any questions are printed out in their answers, very helpful. Highly recommend!

Great! - 27/01/2022

We only opened it this morning for Christmas, but so far my son is loving it and it's working very well. I hope it stays that way!

Kinda Gamer NGL - 23/01/2022

The camera that came with the bundle didn't work when I tried to set everything up. I couldn't use VR without a camera, so I was very disappointed when it refused to connect to the Playstation. I tried to reboot my console and everything else I could think of but nothing happened and it was supposed to be a * new * camera. Kind of ruined Christmas morning.

Ana T.
Every gamer should have one of these - 21/01/2022

I bought it for my son's birthday and he loved it! Everything's going great! On time!

Shawn Miller
Better than a 3D monitor - 21/01/2022

It looks like it's going to be a good product. It's a Christmas present, so it hasn't been opened yet

Lena LeRay
The one and only item for the ps4 - 20/01/2022

The box had everything I needed and more, but I returned it anyway because I found a cheaper price. Because of them, Bi did not refund.

Christine Smith
Perfect! - 20/01/2022

Ordered once before and didn't get the game or demo..... Had to go back. I bought this. My son can't be a happy camper. Not sure what happened to the other one, but thank goodness this one is really new this time.

Susan C
Love but parts don't work - 19/01/2022

I'm hesitant to buy xbox due to the price and bad reviews, absolutely fun and worth it

I love it - 17/01/2022

Fast shipping, new items, fair prices

Spencer Cranford Tolleson
This is amazing! Who knew xbox could be so much fun! - 15/01/2022

It's very good, but for me, it's very vague, but very good

bill nye
Great seller - 11/01/2022

While the xbox is far from perfect, it's a great entry point to gaming for those who already own it.

Lynn Schelp
So far so good - 10/01/2022

So far so good.

Almost everything worked - 10/01/2022

Gaaaaaaamer Epic, it's all a blur, Big g and the Fortnite squad. Well, actually everything is fine, the only drawback is that the box has a huge dent

Pols Voice
My Son and daughter Love It! - 10/01/2022

We had a slight misunderstanding during shipping and the order was cancelled, but they did a great job of fixing that and it got here at the time it arrived first.

Looks like it will be a good product. - 10/01/2022

That's not intuitive.

very good but rerurned - 08/01/2022

The best xbox bundle.

Got our actual order. - 07/01/2022

My husband loves his new toy!! The arrival time is faster than said above, and the packing is perfect, so there won't be any damage. Great Father's Day gift!

Brad Carter
Xbox is the way to go - 07/01/2022

We just bought it. We love it.

Kenneth Egan
Fast shipping, excellent services - 05/01/2022

Oh, my God, this xbox is so much fun.

Joe Bohenick
Quality - 03/01/2022

Please help me talk about the warranty on my Xbox

Marshall Gill
XBOX - 29/12/2021

Super fast and awesome

Ur boi Dan
Great deal - 29/12/2021

This bag is too cheap. It was the best purchase of my life

Aaron Chan
great price - 28/12/2021

I'm with you, I'm with you, I'm with you. No men were comparing.

cheyenne w
Perfect - 19/12/2021

I loved my new generation console, turned it on and played it the same day, no complaints, if you can't afford the X yet, it's worth buying this series of s

Ms. D
It WORKS! - 18/12/2021

No problem. I've been playing for 21 days. Pack as intended. Good customer service. Don't hesitate to buy it at this store.

Good good product - 18/12/2021

Good product good speed.

Aiden Brandt
Everything on time - 16/12/2021

The power cord on this is suddenly finicky, but with a little wiggle, it works fine. I wish it had discs, but I find there's no need to buy X because I'm not that into games. If you like games, X is a must. If you're a casual gamer, this is perfect. The graphics are great, and it's fast.

excellent manager - 14/12/2021

Really like

The best of the best - 13/12/2021

I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Xbox is Microsoft, and it is for us. I've been playing playstation ever since Xbox started charging for online games. But now Xbox is mostly free online and backward compatible, LAN, split screen. Yes, I will go back to XBOX. You don't have to change completely, but I'll definitely be playing more Xboxes, especially my old Gears of War. By the way, the ps5 doesn't have many ps5 games yet. So it doesn't matter if I don't, I have a PS4 and I can play most ps5 games as well.