Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One Virtual Reality 128GB Gaming Headset, Touch Controllers, Bundle with 4 AA Batteries Accessories & Hand Strap Accessories


The display for each eye is 1832 x 1920 resolution. Next-level Hardware - Make every move count with a blazing-fast processor and our highest-resolution display. Easy Setup - Just open the box, set up with the smartphone app, and jump into VR. No PC or console is needed. Requires wireless internet access and the Oculus app (free download) to set up the device. 3D Cinematic Sound - Hear in all directions with built-in speakers that deliver cinematic 3D positional audio. Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world.

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  • Brand: Oculus

  • Internal Memory: 128 gigabytes

  • Number Of Controllers Included: 2

  • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: true

  • Sensors: Integrated insight sensor(s)

  • Controller(s): true

  • Display Type: LCD

  • Compatible Devices: Windows PC that meets minimum requirements

  • Water Resistant: false

  • Interactive Buttons: true

  • Color: White

  • Facebook Required: Yes

  • Pixels Per Eye: 1832 x 1920

  • Weight: 1.83 lbs.

  • Control Type: Two Oculus Touch Controllers

What's Included:

  • Quest 2 Headset

  • 2 Touch Controllers

  • 2 AA Batteries

  • Power Adapter

  • Charging Cable

  • Silicone Facial Interface


  • AA rechargeable batteries x4

  • Batteries charger x1

  • VR lens protect cover x1

  • Knuckle Strap x 1

  • Wrist Strap x 1

  • VR Lens Protection Cover x 1

  • Touch Controller Grip Covers x 2

  • Thumb Button Cap x 2

review for Black Blazer
SO MUCH FUN! Welcome to the 21st century! - 07/02/2023

Magical virtual reality. A lot more than I thought.

Anthony suppa
Frustrating, buggy mess to get working. - 06/02/2023

Amazing experience very fun tech support is great, wonderful product highly recommended, but not suitable for children under 12 years old

Noob bounty Hunter
Great product but wait for the upgrade (expected end of this year) - 05/02/2023

The gifts ordered for Christmas arrived quickly and did exactly what was written on the box

Awesome VR, thank you! - 02/02/2023

Very interesting, the game is not too expensive, but there is a tendency to have to buy "extra" levels, so the price of the game may creep up. The kids love it and it gives us another device for them to play with. The price has gone up recently and I'm not sure if I want to buy it at the new price, research shows you don't want to buy three more expensive ones with more memory.

Bruce Liu
Great entertainment - 11/12/2022

Great way to experience virtual reality

It's good - 01/02/2023

The technology and price are good, but if you're not a kid/woman or little man, forget it. The end distance of the eye distance range excludes almost all adult males of above average size. This is fine on other headsets, such as the Vive(which I have, too, and perfectly), but for the OC 2, it's impossible to set the pupil distance correctly because it mechanically falls far short of what's needed. Who did the tests? Only women? Just a dwarf? What a pity

Dumitru Sarivan
Changed my life! - 30/01/2023

Great. I wish I'd bought it a long time ago. A Facebook account is no longer required and can be signed up via email. The headband provided is really uncomfortable after a while, so have ordered the Elite band battery.

My 11yr old son loves this and I’ve gotta say it’s very impressive - 29/01/2023

It's for my son's birthday. He loves it. It's really great technology

Amelia P Becker
Should have bought one sooner - 24/01/2023

My partner likes Quest2. He has used it in several of his games, mainly MS Flight simulator. Can recommend.

Opens up so many worlds - 23/01/2023

It's a great gaming platform, it just doesn't work for me because it makes me feel like you're floating

raul ayala
AMAZING VR - 11/01/2023

Fun for all the family, whether you're a real gamer like me or just getting the family together for a fun night out, getting together to play Super Quest 2 headphones is great

Melissa Shipp
Amazing - 11/01/2023

I seem to have touched every bug in the world with this thing. As a typical example, I spent 40 minutes wondering why I couldn't access any of my games. I eventually found out that it was because a pop-up AD appeared on a phone app I wasn't using (I had been using a PC app), and the system stubbornly refused to continue playing until I saw it and shut it down. Another time, I couldn't use the headset because it needed updating. To update it, I need to access Settings. I can't access Settings because I haven't updated it. To update it, I need to access Settings. To access the Settings, I first need to update it. To update it, I need to access Settings. Software designed by idiots. I finally realized that I could access the Settings in a different way than before, by interacting with the unmarked parts of the desktop bar. Currently trying to access PC games. No, because the headset was already convinced that I needed to connect the Ethernet cable. In fact, I was using an Ethernet cable, but the headphones didn't notice. God give me strength, I just want to play games.

My son will be excited at Christmas - 06/01/2023

I love playing VR games, and this is a much better version of the original Quest. A new mission is in the works, so if you're not dead to get this, then I'm just waiting for the upgrade. The reason I give Metas (facebook) one star for the transparency of its new Quest model is that the original Quest was launched a year before Quest 2 at the same price. Since I was an early adopter of Quest 1, I felt a little sad that they released a better version soon after. You never know if headphones will stop being used soon (maybe in 2-5 years).

Good fun - 05/01/2023

Great VR, thanks!

Quality Item - 08/12/2022

That's great

Charles Smith
Beware too small for many adult males. - 03/12/2022

Very good

Teresa Bryant
Why did I wait so long! - 26/11/2022

Meta Quest 2 is very exciting. Using it to experience a VR movie or game is unlike anything I've experienced, and even with the recent 2022 price hike, it offers amazing value. Do yourself a favor and go buy one!

Alex Martinez
Amazing - 08/09/2022

My 11-year-old son loves this and I have to say it's very impressive

Fun to use and great experience - 07/09/2022

What I can say, you may not have heard/read before. Because coming from a crack, the difference is huge, the resolution is great, I have good eyesight and am very sensitive to the pixels in the crack, which has actually been with exploration. The tracking seems to be as accurate as the old crack, with good internal head movement. Because it's wireless, just pick it up and play or keep playing. The main problem is charging. If you leave it on standby, it will slowly drain away, which may mean that play time is unexpectedly short and you're not expecting it. The biggest features are the ability to connect wirelessly to your home computer (as long as your wifi is good enough and you have a good enough graphics card), the ability to play higher quality games, or your backup directory. If that doesn't work, you can always connect it with a long usb cable. Defeating the Sabres is a must. My wife likes it, my mother likes it, my in-laws like it. More than you think.

Great for gaming - 07/09/2022

The range of things you can explore and enjoy in virtual reality is pretty amazing.

Angelina Galvan
Good to loose v1rg1n1ty - 05/09/2022

Hours of fun so far, my son is very out of breath, hot and sweaty playing this has been better than sitting at a regular console all day. He still wears glasses to see things in the distance, but I think it's a good design.

Uncomfortable ,Not a complete product - 05/09/2022

I've always played games, always been an avid VR player. I bought this thing to try out and see how it works. The visuals are great, you can download fun games for free, and some paid games are great too. The final city Zenith Jerry DeMeo I recommend these two! The only problem is, the headband is useless. You need the Elite headband, which has also been well received by VR players on YouTube. I guess they didn't include it to keep costs down. Highly recommended!

Allyson Byerly
Super cool - 31/08/2022

It's kind of fun, and for me, it's a great entry point to VR gaming.

The best present I have bought myself! - 28/08/2022

This is one of the most fun games I've ever played

Greg Bush
A must for VR fans - 27/08/2022

I bought the 128GB Quest 2 after selling my old Oculus Rift CV1. I don't need the 256GB version as I only use it when connecting my PC, mainly for Elite Dangerous, No Mans Sky and a few other VR games etc. The first thing I noticed when I turned it on was how good the image quality was. The built-in microphone looks pretty good, but the headset is a bit small compared to my old Rift. The standard headband was OK, but less comfortable to use for long periods of time, so I bought a sturdier headband, which was also easier to put on and also allowed the machine to lift up and away from the face (reviewed separately). One of the key things to remember with a VR headset is to always check the spiders inside it before using it

chris masters
Meta Quest 2 - 27/08/2022

If you change your wifi connection, it won't work and it's very glitchy

This is the best - 25/08/2022

Quality service, quality products

Amazing But I miss the Rift S - 24/08/2022

This is definitely one of the best buys I've ever made! Beating Sabres is my favorite!! We even have Five Nights with Freddie, which makes the experience even more intense!

Should it be branded Meta quest 2 ?? - 21/08/2022

Some games will make you uncomfortable if you suffer from motion sickness (even if you don't), especially roller coaster lol, but most are fine."

Darth Whaler
Amazing. - 19/08/2022

This product is amazing and you will not be disappointed to get your money recommended

My son loves it! - 16/08/2022

I use it almost every day. It's a really good, affordable option, convenient, comfortable, but I have some questions.

Great quality. - 14/08/2022

When I received my assignment on the first day, I had joystick drift on the right controller, which was uncomfortable to wear, and no matter how much I adjusted the strap and read the guide, I couldn't get it to comfortably hit my head, which isn't very big, but it was either too tight and made me dizzy and felt like it was cutting off circulation to my head, or too loose and it would keep moving, I have to constantly readjust it, which is annoying when playing because it can happen at the most inconvenient time. So according to almost every guide and video, if you buy this product, you're better off buying a headband replacement for an Elite headband", I'm being asked to buy an accessory on a 300 pound item just to have a comfort and function item is ridiculous, official Mission Link cable 80 pounds did someone drop them on their head? You're better off buying third party stuff, at least it won't bankrupt you, but you don't even need to do that for something this expensive, it should be great when it arrives, I shouldn't have to spend another 200 pounds to enjoy something priced at 300, seriously...

I love VR - 14/08/2022

Received Quest 2 under the old Oculus brand, not the Meta brand, so obviously old stock. It's just branding, but I'm still a little disappointed.

Fantastic! - 14/08/2022

But I will say this, the pursuit of games is fun, I have some fun periods, some physics games like dance, beating sabre etc is a fun workout so it's not a bad product, but I can't ignore the price + need accessories to enjoy it when the game is limited, plus I have controller drift on day one, fun doesn't make up for it, as it explodes people Everywhere, if I buy an xbox or console controller and headset, I shouldn't buy another 10-20 things, it's not a game. Unfortunately, you need to if you want to be truly comfortable

Very pleasantly surprised, especially with image quality. - 13/08/2022

That's amazing! I mean, it's amazing because the controls are so precise and it's like discovering a whole new world. The only problem is the battery, but you can buy a longer cable like I did.

Quite bad - 11/08/2022

I love my Oculus Quest2! I cured my frozen shoulder, fixed my depression, got healthier, had so much fun... And it's going to get better. Just make sure that if you want one, you do these things: - Be prepared to spend too much money in the store on games you might not like, just to give them a try. - Buy a decent headband to make things sit comfortably on your face. - Get protective straps for the controllers - you will bump them into your head and walls etc, so you want to protect them. Don't leave your TV plugged into a USB charger longer than it needs to be 100% charged, you don't want to melt it or damage the battery - Don't stay in VR for more than 2 hours to protect your eyes and brain from overheating!!!!! - Use a headband to absorb sweat.

Apache Fog
Great - 09/08/2022

I've been using meta 2 for 2 weeks now and I love it. I had a lot of fun with the Vader Immortal series and beat saber. I showed it to my family, too, and they were impressed. It's fun, and the lack of wires is a plus. I bought the 128gb model, it's easy to set up, and yes, you need a facebook account. If this worries you, you can always change your privacy Settings. This is a great one piece Kit for the price. My opinion of the strap is as bad as the other reviews. I just bought the bobo m2 pro, which makes it the ultimate earphone. recommend

Tricia B.
Great buy, can make you feel sick - 07/08/2022

Great equipment

Elizabeth Bontos
Good quality - 06/08/2022

Love this, but will only buy the accessories you need

Joshua Tucker
Fantastic - 06/08/2022

I love my Quest 2 very much and use it every day.

Haozhe Duo
Really awkward to get oculus to fit in,not great! - 05/08/2022

The best VR on the market

Brilliant product - 05/08/2022

I like the idea of virtual reality. They need to think more about people who wear glasses because I can't use them for long. The only downside to Mission 2 is battery life, the simulation is prone to stick drift, and it's hard to buy a separate controller to fix this. Deliver fast, pack well and hats off to the sender! If you don't play a lot of games, this might be ideal for you given the battery life.

Jessica James
Using the control sticks to move rotates the view point without any fluidity - 04/08/2022

This console is the best thing ever, unfortunately as a dad of two kids and a missus working 60 + hours a week I do have a hard time playing it, but when I do play it is the best gaming experience!! I dreamed about this when I was in middle school!!

Ben Biggs
Good - 04/08/2022

Birthday present

Heather Wagner
It very fun for not to much money - 02/08/2022

My grandson bought it for his 14th birthday and he was delighted because it had been on his wish list for a while and he loved it

Bluetooth issues, do not buy - 02/08/2022

The equipment is great, but it needs better straps and face protection

Facebook Farce, can't pair the headset, so can't use - 31/07/2022

Better than the next generation! This is the future of gaming. I just need some friends

No updates on return / refund of item - 30/07/2022

I've been chasing a vr headset since the original cv1, but have never justified the cost. Then I used psvr on gt sport and I was sold. I had to get one, and the Quest 2 was the perfect headset. Good performance and comfort. It also works well when connected to a PC.

Ashley Bucci
It owns you not you will own it. - 28/07/2022

Hard to set

Beware Oculus support when things go wrong - 28/07/2022

Good equipment

Great VR experience - 27/07/2022

Not so good. It's very tight. You can put the eye hole in

Vanessa Meraz
Great console! - 25/07/2022

Take you to another world.

Issac S.
Best thing since sliced bread - 25/07/2022

When using Oculus, it's great, but it can take some getting used to

Luke M.
Son loves it - 24/07/2022

It's fun, the battery life isn't the best, but in the few hours of battery you get, you'll have fun. Don't overcharge, and let the battery drain completely before charging. 2 hours full charge. Value for money.

Kylee Reese
Grandson loves it - 22/07/2022

I never thought an inexpensive car could be so good

Nerissa G Perez
Great device , needs extra accessories - 21/07/2022

Bad product, 80% of working time, now on day 3, doesn't work at all, keeps disconnecting Bluetooth connection, tried factory reset, now does nothing. A 250-pound piece of plastic. Shouldn't be for sale, go to Facebook..... This Christmas, the child was very disappointed

Best thing I've ever bought - 21/07/2022

Facebook accounts cannot be logged in through the Occulus app, rendering it useless, and I even have an existing Occulus account that is now blocked on Facebook because I tried to log in too many times. If the problem persists, I will send this back!

Frances Butrim
A game changer - 21/07/2022

It's for my son's birthday, but you have to plug it in to charge it. Returned items, but did not hear from the seller

Ricky Allen Cobb II
Won't connect - 20/07/2022

I haven't gotten it work dew needs to use a facebook account and a smartphone, and I'm willing to access my private information. Facebook has one of the worst records when it comes to not selling user data, going so far as to publicly offer everyone's facial recognition data to anyone who wants to pay. If you're a serious gamer and want to experience VR, get another VR headset (not an oculus). It would be five stars if not for a complete invasion of privacy.

A Weeb
Very happy - 19/07/2022

The headset suddenly stopped working after two months. This seems to be a common problem online. We contacted oculus tech support, but none of their suggestions worked, so they sent us back to them and they would send a replacement. A month later, they confirmed receipt of our headphones, but refused to send a replacement!

Desarae Espinoza
Great VR headset - 18/07/2022

Very good headphones, one of the best, if not the best, headphones to buy. I mostly play steam vr games on virtual desktops. I also have games in the Quest store, but I try not to spend too much time on them for fear of losing all my progress. A lot of people lose their quest game in the process of updating, or it just happens randomly for no reason.

Nadia Gillylan
Definitely worth buying. - 16/07/2022

This is really an incredible piece of hardware. It's completely self-contained, no PC or other device required, just open the box, press the power button and you're in VR.

Excellent VR Headset - 15/07/2022

Overall, vr is still in its early stages. Similar to a ps2 or ps3, a lot of things don't work properly and there are very few games. If you want to enjoy vr games, be prepared to spend dozens of hours tinkering and tweaking early development software.

Taylor Kent
Best thing you could buy - 14/07/2022

This headset is perfect for people who want to get into vr but don't want to spend a lot of money on a full PCVR headset

Russ W.
poor to use with glasses - 13/07/2022

It's great, no console required, and there are tons of games to choose from

Very good and beautifully packaged - 11/07/2022

Good product, very nice player screen, the only downside for me is that you have to create a Facebook account and I don't like it.

Amazing product - 11/07/2022

I really enjoy its lovely company

It was very nice - 11/07/2022

I bought this product a few months ago and have used it almost every day since. It was an absolute shock. I couldn't be happier. The only problem is, buy a third party headband and make sure it adjusts well to your head, otherwise you will feel some pain.

My boyfriend likes it very much. - 10/07/2022

I brought this because I am a big fan of Resident Evil and want to play Resident Evil 4 in vr, if you have used any other vr headset (psvr vive, etc.) then you will love the fact that no wire handling is fine, the only problem I found was that the battery life of the headset was very long, You'll need an active Facebook profile to use it

Jarrod B.
Superb VR, amazing value, and demolishes the Rift series - 08/07/2022

I bought this for my son's birthday. It's great! We play with it all the time -- the graphics are amazing

Katy Lindsey
Good but there are issues with Tracking - 07/07/2022

It is unparalleled in terms of the money it costs. I used the original Rift and the difference in viewing was amazing. Well worth the upgrade.

Great product to take your first steps into the Metaverse... - 07/07/2022

It's an outstanding device that opens up a whole new world, its graphics are amazing, it really takes you into a whole new world, some people complain about asking to have a Facebook account to set up an eye account to use the device, I think meta can give this some ideas, not everyone has or wants Facebook, but I can see it from there The search Angle for them may expand the platform membership, but if you have Facebook eyes already pretty decent with some well-known game listings, you can see that it has huge growth potential and more games and apps and social possibilities in a virtual world, it may be a good way for those who are hard to escape and meet people using the VR world Ways to reduce loneliness some people live every day, I can see the potential for developers to create new ways for people to interact socially, so some people may think it's just meta to get more understanding of your private life, I think it's a lot of potential to help some disadvantaged groups, I think it's well worth buying, and it's nice to see such developers roll out devices over time, however And, personally, I think if Yuan wants to develop this device they might want to bring the price down a little bit, or come up with another route, one that means that those who don't want to have a social media account can also benefit from signing up and searching the business, and I believe that over time, as the app develops, getting people almost with thinking people will also benefit from Yuan, but where the price level comes from, very Multiple people can't afford it, if you want multiple devices with Facebook in today's such a family needs to be affordable, the current pricing is a bit like every family has a device, every family has more devices, which means more users, which means more revenue for Meta.

Levi Brauning
Best for the money but lacking in comfort - 04/07/2022

I wear zoom glasses and it's hard to put the headphones in the right position to get a clear image. Luckily, you can order lens adapters based on your specific prescription, and the stronger your prescription, the higher their price.

Great Stand-Alone VR headset - 03/07/2022

Very interesting

Amazing - 03/07/2022

Update - I received the lens adapter which makes a big difference to the experience..."

Rebeca Long
My boy just loved - 02/07/2022

It took me 2 days to get there and I loved it more than anything

Nice things - 29/06/2022

Although I like the idea, wearing glasses is painful. Even using including spacers, I felt embarrassed and painful because it put my glasses in my nose on me to be able to see clearly, it also had to make it sit in the focal area of my eyes so I had to play with the buried part said top or bottom of the "screen" when I also found my glasses pushed against my face, I became very warm with the earphone, my glasses lenses became dirty due to the skin's natural oils, Blurring the top of my vision. I'm surprised they don't have a manual personal focus adjuster for each eye, like they do with binoculars, so you can choose not to wear glasses and fix these problems, which I'm sure will solve a lot of problems. It's a shame I haven't used it in months and feel like I've wasted my money and only have 6 hours of play time

100% would recommend - 27/06/2022

Very interesting, very good product.

luis simental
Fun headset battery life isn't so great - 27/06/2022

My son loves it!!

Very very happy son !!! - 25/06/2022

Amazing product. Can you remember where I am

alisha m
Awesome - 24/06/2022

Suitable for most ages. Whether it's under the sea, in space or with zombies.

Well designed. Very comfortable - 23/06/2022

The graphics are great -- what a great experience! After only about half an hour, I get a headache/illness (mind you, I'm old). It's a very affordable VR experience. You only lose one star because you need a Facebook account.

Overall ok, but Oculus Service causes issues on my PC. - 18/06/2022

One of the best things my whole family bought was to enjoy VR.

Sara Stacy
Amazing - 16/06/2022

The headphones are well designed and very simple to use and set up. If the header is not set perfectly, the resolution may be higher, or it may be blurry. However, once you find your sweet spot, you can easily spend a few hours experiencing a variety of things. You can download and browse games on the Oculus app, and I absolutely believe there's something for everyone.

Amazing tech this is the future grab one and see for yourself - 16/06/2022

I think quest 2 is a very good product

Quite impressed - 15/06/2022

I work in tech, but not in VR, so I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I didn't expect it to be this good. The technology isn't perfect by any means, getting your eyes in the best position can be a little tricky, and the edges of your vision are often a little blurry, but that doesn't make it any less cool. I didn't use it primarily to play games, but to watch movies and connect it to a PC for a big screen and multi-screen experience. WFH is more fun when it feels like a spacious mountain cabin rather than a small back bedroom. Cons :Facebook! I really don't like the fact that Facebook knows everything I do in virtual reality, it's horrible. Headphones can be lighter, lighter and more comfortable. If you do, get a better strap and an external battery, and a tracking keyboard if you want to work in virtual reality.

Lucy Mojarro
Good cheap vr headset - 14/06/2022

We've had three games like this, we can't say it's awesome, and it's definitely the market leader in VR

Low performance - 03/06/2022

As a competitive Beat Saber player, I chose to upgrade to Quest 2 because it has a faster refresh rate than the RIft s. I ordered the Quest 2 without a cable or optional extras because I wanted to try the Oculus Air link first. Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to the hype. I have a 10gig LAN, and unfortunately I can't get a smooth experience in any game. If you want to spend another 25 on a virtual desktop - which is a much better experience for a remote PCVR, when playing a game like Superhot, I can't tell any difference between connecting directly to a PC. I ended up going broke because Beat Saber was my main game and I couldn't play it wirelessly at all (no problem, I wasn't going to do that in the first place). I ordered a third-party USB-C to USB-C USB3.0 cable, and after a few tweaks to Settings like bit rate and compression, the experience was excellent. I don't know if the Oculus Link cable is any better, but I have no problem with third-party cables. All in all, headphones are great. 120hz is very smooth and the resolution is very high. The screen door effect is almost invisible (being able to see the space between pixels - a problem on the Rift/Rift S) and the controller tracking is great. Things I don't like so much: You need to enable developer mode to disable Guardian, which takes a lot of effort. -- Many developers don't support cross-platform purchases. If you've already bought the game on PC and want to play single-player Quest 2, you'll have to buy the game again. This band doesn't compare well to the Rift S Elite band, which can be fixed because the Elite band for Mission 2 is optional By default, the brightness is a little too high and can cause eye strain, YMMV. -- If you sweat, the white controller doesn't look so good. Little Things I like: The new controller is designed to be super comfortable and has more room to rest your thumbs. The volume control is in place - Including the silicone panel cover, which I used when using Quest 2. - Hand tracking is built in, but it's rudimentary and can't be used through Oculus Link. I believe the wireless PCVR will improve over time, especially given that it is an experimental feature. Other than that, I'm really impressed with what Meta/Oculus has created.

As described - 29/05/2022

It's perfect. I am. I'm very pleased with the order. thank you

Eric R. Aguilar
Best gaming gadget ever - 28/05/2022

Couldn't be better to keep you standing and active while playing, one thing is you need plenty of space to use it, I hit a lot of walls and doors unintentionally, so just need to be in the center of the room

Can't play too long due to hurting my head but... - 28/05/2022

The original headband was uncomfortable and difficult to adjust. It was all wonderful

Nicole Stidham
VR - 26/05/2022

The headphones are pretty good, I don't like having eye widths with only 3 Settings, unfortunately a fourth width or variable setting would work well. The default headband is not so good and uncomfortable, especially for long games. While tracking is much better than my PS4 VR, it lost track a few times, but that's okay. I would say I like the actual VR hardware, sadly I am not a fan of Oculus software, especially the OVRService service running on PC keeps filling up the event log on my PC, this service also causes weird glitches/issues when running (seems to scan my drive outside Oculus folders etc, Why would you do that FACEBOOK/META?) So I had to stop the service when I wasn't using the headset. Now I've written my own app to automatically start OVRService, and then on the Oculus client I'm using the headset, it automatically stops OVRService once it's done. Overall, I liked the headphones, but I didn't like all the listening software that was required to use them. One of the main things that annoys me is that you need the Oculus app on your phone to make the headset work, especially the store. Why?

Very happy - 22/05/2022

I haven't seen much of my child since he bought these because he hardly leaves the house. He loves them Great Buy

A whole new world of experience. - 20/05/2022

If you don't already have one, buy one. This is amazing

Meta quest 2 - 18/05/2022

This is the future. Take one and see for yourself. There are many games and experiences

Alison Rock
A better experience than I expected. - 18/05/2022

As someone born in the 1970s, I find some of today's technology impressive. It's amazing how something like this can happen. I can't really use VR because of the dizziness issue, so I've only used it briefly, but it's a gift to someone and they love it. There were a few things that annoyed me, like how to set up a Facebook account etc, but once it was up and running it was really impressive and used every day.

Logistics is very fast, master delivery - 18/05/2022

It's for the whole body, and if you don't like air connections, you can choose different programs. The battery only lasts about 2 hours and it hurts a bit, but if I'm alone I just lie down and let it charge. If your computer isn't very good, your wifi has to be good, and the quality will probably be poor and pixelated. It's a very cheap vr option, but I don't regret buying it.

Ronnie Dingus
Wireless PCVR isn't quite there yet, but great headset overall. - 17/05/2022

It gets hot when used, gets wet on the face, battery performance is not good for the product, needs to be upgraded, sometimes crashes

My childrem.love it. - 16/05/2022

Just as advertised. Great product.

Great product! - 12/05/2022

Perfect. My son was satisfied. I tried it. I loved it. It's worth buying.

M - 11/05/2022

So I got my headphones on March 2, 2022, and it was all packed correctly, no scratches, etc. But when I opened it, turned it on and set it up, it went really smoothly. Then I turned it off, and the next day I turned it on and started playing Zenith/VRChat and some games. I started getting controller drift on the first day I got the pack. I looked in Deph to see what might be causing it and then regrettably I didn't have results/easy fix for the controller drift and then since then, from article 3 all the way up to now, the drift has gotten really bad and my friend even said that it wasn't the right start to get them from day 1. Because my friend partner had a similar problem on day one. So I had no choice, because I couldn't use the lobby headset if I only had 2 controllers. So contact Oculus Support now and see what they have to say about this. Because it doesn't make sense for me to spend on two brand new controllers.

Chloe Abbott
WOW - 06/05/2022

This is the way VR is supposed to work. No wires are attached, no sensors or other peripherals are needed. Tracking works very well and you can play most games standing up or sitting down. Very handy when you run out of space. The headphones are not too bulky and lightweight, making them good for long periods of gaming. I recommend using the Elite band with the battery pack because the battery life is not as good as I had hoped. But don't let that put you off. It charges fairly quickly, so you can get back into the game pretty quickly. With all due respect, it's definitely worth it.

Claudia Salgado
Great price and works perfectly - 06/05/2022

I'll have to return it, but it's fine, thanks.

Kid loves it - 04/05/2022

The earphones are fine. They work. The hardware and software are good (which I'll discuss later). If you find yourself using it a lot, I recommend getting better accessories for it. Like a better controller headband and knuckle grip. 128gb games are sufficient, as most games are under 5gb in size, so if you are using a PCVR and playing most games on a PCVR, I would recommend buying the 64gb version (if available) and a larger cable. Eye PD regulation is inadequate, but good enough for most users. Battery life is about 2 hours and charging time is about 1 hour, and the cheapest way to increase play time is to buy a battery pack and keep it in your pocket. So, about software. I'm not a fan of Meta(facebook), but the setup is simple and very fast, which is great if you like to move your game space between rooms. It would be great if it could recognize your play Spaces and save them when you return. The user interface is nice and easy to understand, and some Settings are hidden in experimental features or under developer Settings. So, in general, good software. What bothers me is that Meta can disable your headset if you violate their guidelines. It's unlikely, but scary to think about, because I paid for it + accessories, and facebook has a disable feature, which makes it a paperweight along with any game you buy. I once saw a post where someone unlocked the headset, which means you can basically do anything with the headset, and I hope in the future, anyone will be able to access it. So, in general. If you want an affordable headset and don't worry that you'll face the problems I listed above, this is a great purchase for anyone!

If your connecting to the product with your PC check the spec - 03/05/2022

It's a great product, I've always wanted to get into VR. So far has been playing Zenith and Echo, has been having a blast, the only bad thing is the battery life, but that's not the worst.

Tim Jones
Holy moley - 30/04/2022

I like my eyes very much. I recommend you get a premium earphone attachment because the basic design really puts pressure on your face and head. But it's easy to use, and once you're immersed in the virtual reality world, there's really nothing like it. We have more game options coming up.

Fantastic bit of kit - 29/04/2022

I absolutely love my Quest 2, it has many uses, it can even help you stay fit, I'm not a gamer, but it has many more uses than that. I can't live without mine now. I love it.

Don't buy one. Plenty of other brands out there, don't waste your money - 29/04/2022

You can't say it was a gift

Great for a VR novice - 26/04/2022

I tried a few games in Sisters Oculus Quest 2 and was really blown away; I know VR isn't the big gimmick that some people claim, I just think it looks good. I was so surprised that I laughed for about an hour. I bought one the next day. It was incredible. Highly recommended and easy to install.

Taylor Biedenfeld
Perfect - 22/04/2022

Great product and it works perfectly! My son is very happy!

Andrew Johnson
About this issue been getting day i got headset - 21/04/2022

I don't know if I'm the only one who can't use the elastic of a headset, but other than that, it's a super fun first step into the world of VR.

Kristen Starks
How VR should be. - 19/04/2022

It's just an ace in the hole

Thanks! - 18/04/2022

It came quickly and on time. It worked well, but there was one problem with the strap. While I did buy a headband to support it, the original band itself wasn't very good. Overall very good, even if the price is cheap.

Jessica Buskey
Very good purchase, but not enough on its own. - 18/04/2022

Durable, well made, amazing one piece kit for kids.

Mr August
I still can't believe I have one - 08/04/2022

I still can't believe I have one

Dorothy Hallermeier
What's not what to like about this product. - 07/04/2022

It's a great tool, although I suggest you'll be forced to have Facebook

Nothing - 02/04/2022

The game was great. The product was of poor quality, consisting of only one headset, which broke down within the first four months and had to be returned several times. Disgusting customer service - so bad I can hardly use the word to describe it. Zero communication. Come on...

Absolutely blown away! - 01/04/2022

I had to buy one for a module of my game development course, and the time I spent playing it before it started was one of the most fun I've had with motion controls since the Wii! Beat Saber immediately became one of my favorite rhythm games, and SuperHot VR was a fun spin on a game I already really liked. The headset itself is simple to set up and, yes, you'll need a Facebook account. This isn't the biggest problem for most people, but if you don't want to link/create your own headset, you may need to look for another headset. However, it can be a bit expensive to use on your PC. You'll already need a decent one to run the new VR games, but you'll also need to buy a cable of the right length (and a USB-C to USB converter if you don't have any USB-C ports on your computer). I opted for official cable even though it was more expensive than other third-party products because I didn't want to take any chances. Since this is my first headset, I can't make any comparisons to other headsets, but I highly recommend this headset if you're new to VR.

Fantastic - 31/03/2022

This is great and can be hours of fun, but can be distracting if the player is in the same room as you.

Carlos Tous Mosquera
Won't connect - 30/03/2022

It's a good investment in fun and exercise.

Amazing imersive experience - 28/03/2022

Wow. amazing It went from 800 to 300. So it's worth it.

Joe M.
Make sure you have alot of room to move - 26/03/2022

No dynamic blur.. It's so clear.

jane E
Great item. - 25/03/2022

I spent a whole week trying to fix errors and seemingly unreported and undocumented problems with this device. This is the most unfriendly device I've ever seen for connecting to a pc. Otherwise the console store would be very limited, and without a developer mode, you'd only be able to play 20 minutes of campaign games, including beatsaber, which is worth the money. When I see progress in community reports about fixing the issues, I don't think it's a completely malicious product, but I strongly recommend not buying the product and instead waiting for the next version or buying something better.

Dawn Zaffery
Great value for money - 24/03/2022

I love it. It's for all ages. My 70-something mother picked it up right away. But I can't get her to walk the plank. The headset's potential is so great that everyone who has tried it has loved it. Prompt delivery

Todd Hill
Well it out sold Xbox this year! - 21/03/2022

Half of it was expense - I'm not a gamer and had no experience other than crash bandicoot on ps1 20 years ago. However, it lived up to and exceeded my expectations. So much to choose from depends on what you like - you can play all types of proper" games - driving, shooting, fantasy, etc. Or use it to travel around the world in 3d. Or watch your favorite movie on the big screen. Or use it to relax/meditate. Use it to interact with people from all over the world. Use it to keep fit and do all kinds of exercises, from boxing to dancing. I've heard some people even use them for collaborative workspaces, although personally I'm not comfortable wearing headphones for so long.

Grandchildren love it - 21/03/2022

The only reason I didn't give full marks was that the headphones weren't very comfortable and the battery life wasn't great - but you can buy extras to help with both.

Awesome - 20/03/2022

Anyone who wants to buy one is strongly advised to give it a try.

Would recommend - 20/03/2022

The last tip - get a code from a friend who already has ocus, or go directly to the ocus social media site and someone will give you a code - this will give you to buy the game, It's very convenient - but you have to claim the code before you turn on your ocus headset for the first time (by downloading the ocus app on your phone and clicking on the recommended code they send you)."

Fun - 18/03/2022

Our son loves this. We love it too! Great fun

A little hard - 11/03/2022

Hard to set up the quest.

David Wills
Star wars comes to life - 09/03/2022

Excellent quality products, very immersive and tons of games available online

Lindsey Finn
The hub looking good - 06/03/2022

My son loves it, he waited a long time to get it, and it's better to pay it off monthly

Very Consumer unfreindly device - 01/03/2022

Great project.

Best gift ever . Brilliant item - 28/02/2022

I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. But you need a facebook account.

Linda Zajac
Surprised how much I enjoy it! - 27/02/2022

Good quality and low price. VR games are absolutely great, and so are 3d movies. It's much better than previous models. There's a bit of a learning curve - but don't let the early frustrations bother you, because after a few hours of tutorial training, you'll find it's a breeze. Working with Steam VR is great and not too difficult to set up. Opening up a new world to explore will bring you a lot of joy.

Fantastic - 28/01/2022

The grandchildren found it easy and fun to set up

Britney Pantoja
Getting your app after paying for it - 27/01/2022

The new era of gaming, it might be confusing at times, but we'll get our money's worth and games will be cheaper than ps4 or xbox

Benjamin Gamez
Condition - 27/01/2022

Much more than I expected. Always recommend oculus. A wonderful introduction to the field of VR. It also works well as a pcvr headset. Can you ask for more on the price