Double Din Car Stereo Radio Audio Receiver Compatible with Carplay, Android Auto, Mirror Link, 7 Inch Full Touchscreen Car Stereo, Front Backup Camera, Bluetooth, USB/TF/AUX Port, A/V Input, FM/AM 7023


The car stereo has a standard size full touch HD capacitive touchscreen, universal IOS interface and is especially suitable for the US market. The double din stereo is designed with the driver safety and comfort in mind, while allowing you to enjoy all the amazing features of a full multimedia center. Listen to your favorite music, play favorite videos, call loved ones with intelligent voice assistance, and have a friendly hands-free experience that keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel!

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Multi-functions in One:

IOS Carplay/Android Auto, GPS/Navigation, Phone Mirroring/Casting, Bluetooth for Wireless Audio Streaming, FM/AM Radio, Front and Rear View Camera, Wireless Remote Control, Aux In Function, HD Video Multi Format Player, Audio Multi Format Player, Amplifier, EQ Audio Setting, Display Setting, Multiple language Settings, Time Setting.

Wired Carplay: Sync your ios phone and double screen interactive

mirror link:  Best for enjoy the movies or videos

GPS navigation: After quickly connecting to phone, the map is enlarged and displayed in car stereo

Wired Carplay

  • Sync your ios phone and double screen interactive: Sync your IOS smartphone to seamlessly access all the features on your phone through the big screen.

  • USB connection: You can access mobile phone contacts, map navigation, music, text messages, radio, podcasts, audio books and other information. And support Siri voice control, the smarter and more fun way to use your phone in the car.

  • Mobile Internet: Take what you want to do on your iphone while driving and put it up on your car’s built-in display.

Mirror Link

  • Best for enjoy the movies/videos: some apps that are not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto ,can still be displayed on screen via the Mirror link option.

  • Only available with phone pixel below 1080P. Android 10.1 and below, IOS 13.4 and below, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 8 series and below.

  • To listen to the voice function, you would need to turn on the Bluetooth function at the same time, In order to hear the voice from the phone to the car stereo.

GPS Navigation

  • After quickly connecting to the mobile phone, the real-time information of the map is enlarged and displayed in this car stereo, and the speaker on the car is connected to broadcast the direction information loudly.

  • You don't need to buy a professional navigation, your mobile phone's navigation can be updated to the latest version at any time, allowing you to avoid traffic jams, lane changes and gas station changes.

  • Note: the stereo player is not a GPS unit, it gets GPS navigation function by connecting to the cellphone.

touchscreen:  High definition capacitive screen

Bluetooth: Enables both hands-free calling and audio streaming, safe and convenient

FM radio: a partner who chatted to you during the trip. Keep you from getting bored while driving.

7” Full Capacitive Touch Screen

  • 7” inch large screen: High definition capacitive screen, Support 1920x1080P video and lossless music playback. True double din size that fits most of cars and easy installation.

  • Full Touch Screen: You can lightly touch with your finger, quick response.

Bluetooth Hands-Free

  • Built-in Bluetooth: Enables both hands-free calling and audio streaming, safe and convenient.

  • Other Functions: When you are on driving to pick up phone and open music, radio or other functions on the car stereo.

AM/FM Radio

  • The partner who whispered to you during the journey. Keep you from getting bored while driving. Simple, secure touch screen operation.

  • Channel memory function: Record your favorite channels.

package: 7.1*4.0*2.3in, 7.4*4.6in, Camera Cable, Wire Harness, View Camera,Remote User Manual

Rear view Camera: parking assistance, high definition, night vision and 170°viewing angle.

Rear view Camera:  Have trouble with parking? Let Rear view Camera give you a hand.

EQ Setting & Enjoy Your Music:  built-in advanced DSP Chip, Preset EQ and 24Bit DAC

12 LED Front View Camera

  • Can't tell the distance between vehicles when driving out of a parking space? Front view camera can give you help.

  • Front Camera Input: The car stereo supports front camera input. Click “AUX IN” connectivity of main interface to inspect the front view camera image on large touch screen.

  • No more worrying about cutting off other vehicles, sudden-appeared children, kittens and dogs, parking stakes and other small short obstacles.

12 LED Rear view Camera

  • Have trouble with parking? Let Rear view Camera give you a hand.

  • Multi-functions: The car touch stereo is equipped with an 12 LED reversing camera which features parking assistance, high definition, night vision and 170°viewing angle.

  • You can see the reversing image on the screen through the camera whenever reversing. Make your daily reversing safer.

EQ Setting & Enjoy Your Music

  • The item has built-in advanced DSP Chip, Preset EQ and 24Bit DAC.

  • CUSTOM/ DBB/ CLASS/ ROCK/ JAZZ/ POP. BASS/TRE effect adjustable.

  • With user customized 16-band EQ options, this multimedia system is ideal for a wide variety of music styles and sound effects, allows you to enjoy a superior music listening experience, making your drive much more enjoyable!


  1. The car stereo applies to a power supply voltage at 12V DC (not for large trucks), please check yours before installation. A short circuit will happen when applied to different car voltage. More seriously, the car stereo maybe will be damaged.

  2. Do not install the unit where the operation for safety driving is reserved.

  3. The head unit has a memory function. If the ACC wire (red wire) and the B+ wire (yellow wire) are connected reversely during the installation. Otherwise the product will have no memory function after the power is off.

  4. Mobile phone mirror link——Android system: support Android 10.0 and below. IOS system: support IOS13.4 and below, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 series and below. Note: The pixels of all mobile phones should be below 1920*1080.

  5. When the car in reverse mode, other functions cannot be used, such as calls & music in Bluetooth mode, phone mirror link, etc.

  6. USB Charging: You can charge you phone and use car play or mirror link at the same time. But the car stereo usb charging does not work for fast charging, we designed it for reading data, carplay or phone link connection.

  7. If you don't have experience on wiring and installing the car stereo, please ask expert to complete this operation.


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